Annual General Meeting of REpower Systems AG decides by resolution to distribute a dividend of 0.60 EUR per share
Skeleton agreement undersigned with the French corporation MAIA SONNIER for exclusive delivery in 2 megawatt class

Hamburg, June 9, 2004. At the Annual General Meeting of REpower Systems AG (TecDAX, WKN 617 703) in Hamburg the shareholders once again extended their full support to the corporation. All items on the agenda were passed with majorities according to the recommendations of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board. With appropriately 130 shareholders 26.515 percent of the voting capital were represented. As in the previous year a dividend of 0.60 EUR per share will be distributed. The Executive Board was empowered by the Annual General Meeting to issue profit-participation rights (Genussrechte) in the amount of 20 million EUR. Sales Director Thomas Franck reported on the current skeleton agreement undersigned with MAIA SONNIER, a French corporation to exclusively deliver wind turbines of the 2-megawatt class. 

Today’s regular Annual General Meeting of REpower Systems AG voted in favour of distributing a dividend of 0.60 EUR. The acts of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board were ratified with a large majority. The Annual General Meeting furthermore empowered REpower to issue additional profit-participation rights up to the amount of 20 million EUR until June 8, 2009. Susat & Partner oHG were once again appointed chartered accountants.

At the Annual General Meeting Chief Executive Officer Prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt again drew attention to the fact that the running financial year for REpower was a year of transformation with focus on internationalising the business activities. In 2004 a total of 190 wind turbines are scheduled to be sold with a decisive rise in the export quota to at least 25 percent. For the years to follow he ventured to pronounce a confident forecast: „I am sure that our excellent engineering skills will be even more noticeably appreciated by establishing the first REpower 5M at Brunsbüttel during the next few weeks. In the near future we will additionally reveal that we are in a position to successfully grow not only in Germany, but will also prove that we are a competitor who has to be taken seriously in an international respect on the key markets. In the course of the last few weeks the significance of wind industry for future energy supplies has become very visible, last but not least as a result of the high oil price and political support for Renewable Energies on international level by the World conference in Bonn. And REpower takes over the role of a leading player in this worldwide significant future branch. “

At the Annual General Meeting Sales Director Thomas Franck informed the shareholders in his report on the latest skeleton agreement undersigned with the MAIA SONNIER. The French corporation with registered offices in Lyon is among others known as a building corporation in the field of infrastructure (highways, bridges etc.). With the sector of Renewable Energies MAIA SONNIER has integrated a new main business field into its corporate activities. Yesterday, Tuesday June 8, he undersigned an agreement to exclusively deliver wind turbines of the 2-megwatt class in combination with REpower turbines of the series MM. MAIA SONNIER currently plans to install more than 30 wind parks in France with a total capacity to be installed exceeding 300 megawatt.

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