One of the leading international manufacturers of wind turbines

Project-specific solutions around the globe

With its highly reliable onshore and offshore turbines Senvion is one of the leading international manufacturers of onshore and offshore wind turbines. All across the globe, we are developing, constructing and distributing wind turbines for almost every location. The power ratings of our turbines range from 2 up to 6.33 MW with rotor diameters between 82 and 152 meters. Furthermore Senvion provides clients with project-specific solutions in the areas of wind farm engineering, service and maintenance, transport and installation as well as foundation.

About Senvion

Over 26 years in the business and more than 7,800 wind turbine installations on- and offshore have given us one of the most renowned names in the industry. Whether a single wind turbine or a whole wind farm we offer project specific solutions in areas such as foundation construction, transport and instal­lation as well as service and maintenance.

References & Case Studies

Senvion turbines have been installed in more than 25 countries around the world. We successfully completed wind park projects while facing diverse challenges - from high altitude to extreme weather conditions. Our track record is the experience we bring to every project.


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