About Senvion

Excellence through experience.

More than 25 years of experience and over 8,200 installed turbines form the foundation of our success.

As a pioneer in wind energy, Senvion offers a wide portfolio of onshore and offshore turbines. With rated nominal power from 2 to 6.33 megawatts, rotor diameters of up to 152 m and a range of hub heights, we can develop individual solutions for projects of every size –from single turbines to entire wind farms.

Driven by wind. Powered by people.

Our turbines aren’t powered by wind alone. The expertise and commitment of over 4,000 people worldwide are the driving force behind the success of our projects. We make our customers’ goals our own and build partnerships with our customers and suppliers based on respect and trust.

You provide the challenge – we the solution.

Whether single turbine or complete wind farm – we consider every detail and also look at the big picture to provide each customer with the best possible solution to bring down LCOE. To achieve this, we customize our products and services to meet individual customer requirements. This process relies on three key components: the comprehensive modular design of our turbines, their ongoing optimization and our focus on leveraging and upgrading digital technologies.

Quality and safety are paramount

Innovation, quality and occupational safety are an integral part of our business. Our certifications under OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 in occupational health and safety management, environmental management and quality management are testimony to our commitment to quality in everything we do. That’s why we continuously optimize, not just our turbines, but every aspect of our business including procurement, supply chain and services.

Technology you can bank on.

We naturally look at every project we take on from an engineering perspective. But we also keep your investment goals in mind every step of the way. Making wind energy competitive with other renewables and fossil fuels and achieving a low LCOE are both fundamental and vital to the financial success of your project. The reliability of our products and our planning are key to achieving these goals – and a significant factor for investors and banks.

Maximum performance over the entire lifespan.

As part of our uncompromising commitment to quality we aim to optimize the performance of our turbines over their entire operating life. From the development of reliable, high-performance turbines to service and lifelong product optimization: we design and develop our turbines based on evolutionary principles building on proven technology with a decades-long track record of reliable and efficient service.


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