Âncora wind farms, Portugal

  • Location

    Moimenta da Beira, Vila Nova de Pava, Sernancelhe and Lousã, Portugal
  • WTG Type

    MM92 / MM100
  • Installations

    84 turbines
  • Total Output

    171.6 MW
  • Operator

    Âncora Wind Energia Eólica SA

172 MW clean energy for Portugal

With 84 Senvion wind turbines and a total capacity of 171.6 MW, Âncora Wind farms will be the 4th biggest wind farm in Portugal. Project sponsors are Galp Energia, Martifer and Ferrostaal. The wind farms are located in the Northern part of Portugal in Picos Vale do Chão, Sernancelhe, Moïmenta and Três Marcos. After their completion, Âncora will deliver clean electricity to power 125,000 homes.

The turbines installed in the wind farms are Senvion MM92 and Senvion MM100, respectively with 2.05 and 2 megawatts rated power. Senvion’s turbines are a perfect fit for Portugal allowing to produce clean and competitive electricity.

Âncora wind project is the perfect illustration of value creation in Portugal. The nacelles and hub are assembled in a Ventipower factory located in OIiveira de Frades, the blades are produced at Ria Blades in Vagos. This project also covers the local sourcing of towers, electrical components, civil works and electrical works.

Europe's 11th largest wind farm project

The Âncora Wind farms are:

  • Picos Vale do Chão: 11 Senvion MM92 turbines
  • Sernancelhe: 12 Senvion MM100 turbines
  • Moimenta I and II: 42 Senvion MM92 turbines
  • Três Marcos: 19 Senvion MM92 turbines

Turbine technology - Competitive clean electricity for Portugal

Senvion’s turbines are a perfect fit for Portugal. A country with a strong wind resource, the complex weather conditions of the interior mountains are ideally suited to the Senvion MM turbines. These turbines derive from the very first series of megawatt turbines produced and were the first in the country achieving the 100 meters hub height.

MM92 - bestseller for medium and low wind speeds

The Senvion MM92 has a rated power output of 2.05 MW at a wind speed of 12.5 m/s, thanks to its significantly larger rotor diameter of 92.5 meters. This makes it the ideal turbine for medium to low wind speeds. The MM92 produces energy so powerfully, efficiently and reliably that it has become a top-selling turbine. It is based on the dependable generator gearbox technology of the MM82.

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MM100 - turns low wind speeds into revenues

The Senvion MM100 is ideally equipped to make efficient use of all low wind speed locations: a rotor diameter of 100 meters, a swept rotor area of 7,854 m² and hub heights ranging from 75 to 100 meters. Moreover, its low sound power level of 103.8 dB(A) makes it one of the quietest systems in its class and therefore particularly suited to onshore wind farms which are subject to noise restrictions.

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Senvion Portugal - A local and expert team

Senvion has been present in Portugal since 2004. With approximatively 300 MW installed in Portugal, it is one of the leading wind energy companies in the country. Senvion offers customised solutions for blade production, foundation design, transport, installation, service and maintenance for wind projects. Our local engineers and project managers are experts in Portugese specificities and regulation in order to deliver successful wind projects. Three Senvion service bases are located in Oliveira de Frades, Torres Vedras and Moimenta. Since 2014 Senvion is Portugal's market leader in new installations.

Local and sustainable job creation

In Portugal, Senvion, including Ria Blades and Ventipower, employs more than 1,200 people. Ventipower assembles the turbines nacelles and hubs and Ria Blades which produces the blades, is a top employer in the region.

José Costa, Managing Director of Senvion Portugal states: “Portugal is one of our most important production sites. We are currently employing more than 1,200 people. We already produce rotor blades and nacelle for the Senvion MM92 bestseller series as well as the rotor blades for all Senvion 3.XM series. The 20 years’ full service contract demonstrates the quality of our turbines and sets a new market standard. Furthermore, it shows the very long term commitment of Senvion to the Portuguese wind market.”

Olivier Perot, Managing Director of Senvion South West Europe, adds: “We have made major industrial investments in Portugal since 2008, with the creation of a blade manufacturing site in Vagos and a nacelle and hub assembly site in Oliveira de Frades. The Âncora project is a result of this whole tender programme. It will also covers the local sourcing of towers, electrical components, civil works and electrical works."

WindArt project: a tribute to renewable energy in Portugal

Joana Vasconcelos and Vhils, two of the most well-known Portuguese contemporary artists, were invited by Âncora Wind Energia Eólica SA, to design the world’s tallest contemporary art project – WindArt.

The international renowned artists designed and drew the artwork covering two Senvion MM92 wind turbines with 150 meters tip height.

The WindArt project celebrates the construction of Douro Sul Wind Farm, one of Europe's largest wind farms, with 150 MW of installed power, presented as a tribute to renewable energy.

Located in Serra de Leomil, in the county of Moimenta da Beira, the WindArt project aims to explore the integration of wind turbines in the landscape – both human and nature – establishing a delicate interaction with it, in perfect symbiosis.

Joana Vasconcelos

Joana Vasconcelos participated in the WindArt project due to its originality and talks about the project as “a truly exciting challenge, because of its unexpected dimension and position. It is, probably, the world’s tallest contemporary art project.”

The Joana Vasconcelos artwork focuses on the region’s culture and portrays an expression of love to the village that hosts it, illustrated by the huge heart drawn on the turbine’s tower and pointed to the village centre. “The dynamism of the drawing and the colour explosion refer to the energy of the mountain and on the top of the tower, the stars magnify the height and the extraordinary conditions for the observation of a clear and shining night sky”, says the artist.

Alexandre Farto also known as "Vhils"

The concept for Alexandre Farto, Vhils, “symbolizes the rich diversity of natural textures from the trees of the region, establishing a connection with all the elements that give life and energy to the place. Between this graphic elements, emerges the shape of a human eye, representing in a symbolic way, a lighthouse, humanizing and lightening the surroundings.”

Solving complex challenges

The WindArt project was a very demanding assignment for Senvion. Working on a project of such dimension required us to constantly adjust to a range of variables.

Since the first preview, over a year ago, the project went through an extensive process of technical analysis and viability. A demanding time frame – the turbines had to be erected in line with the protection constraints for local wildlife and their breeding season – had to be harmonized with all required approvals from the Portuguese environmental agency allowing an artwork to be placed in a protected mountain region and the approvals from the aviation authority and local authorities.

Not only this, but transporting such sensitive designs also required a special attention, and we involved a highly experienced logistics team to follow the delivery from the first meter up to the place where the turbine will stand for twenty years.

The Âncora Wind team worked tirelessly to ensure that all the requirements could be met, that the production and installation process was not impacted by the production of the art on the turbines and that all desired results were achieved, exactly as idealized by the artists, making these individual and unique singular top-down artworks in Portugal.