Brienza, Italy

  • Location

    Brienza, Italy
  • WTG Type

  • Installations

    6 turbines
  • Total Output

    18 MW
  • Operator

    PLC Systems, Burgentia Energia

After having won a tender against the best market competitors, Senvion had to solve significant challenges during the transport and installation of their six 3.0M122 turbines. Since Brienza is located in a mountainous area of South Italy, the logistics team had to use a special blade lifter to transport the blades. The blade was raised from a horizontal to an oblique position, shortening the occupied space on the ground and allowing the transport through very tortuous roads.

On site, Senvion executed the rotor installation with a single blade approach or alternatively with the rotor installed on the ground, according to the available space in each single position. After having set the record for the most powerful turbine installed in Italy with the wind farm of Mazara del Vallo (7 x 3.4M104) and also the record for the biggest turbine in the country with the project Vento di Nurra (3 x 3.2M114), Senvion has set another example of engineering excellence with the Brienza wind farm. The take over certificate for Brienza was signed in April, 2016.