Gruissan, France

  • Location

    15 km east of Gruissan, Mediterranean Sea, France
  • WTG Type

  • Foundations

    Ring-shaped floating foundations
  • Production

    98 million kWh per year
  • Operator

    EolMed SAS

France floats into the future

Senvion enters the French offshore market and becomes part of the first floating offshore demonstration project in the French Mediterranean. Senvion will supply four 6.2M152 turbines which are going to be specifically adapted for mounting on Ideol floating foundations. The project can advance floating offshore technology to a level where it can be rolled out on a large scale and achieve the cost reductions necessary to make it potentially the most cost-effective form of wind power.

Opening up new markets

Spar buoy, spar submersible, tension leg platforms – Senvion can flexibly adapt to all types of floating foundations. Floating turbines offer two distinct advantages: Firstly, they provide access to sites with stronger and more stable winds. Secondly, they could open up vast areas with water depths of over 100 m for wind harvesting. This is particularly significant for countries such as USA and Japan, where bottom-fixed offshore wind farms aren’t an option as they lie on a continental shelf with a steep drop-off.

Photo credit: EolMed SAS