Lussac-Les-Églises, France

  • Location

    Lussac-Les-Églises, Haute Vienne, France
  • WTG Type

  • Installations

    6 turbines
  • Total Output

    18 MW
  • Operator

    Quadran Groupe Direct Energie

Innovative transportation techniques in challenging conditions

Lussac-Les-Églises wind farm, developed by our client Quadran Groupe Direct Energie, is located in the French department of Haute Vienne. For the wind farm Senvion installed six 3.0M122 wind turbines. Especially the blades transportation put our Senvion team to an extensive challenge. Each turbine blade measures 60 meters and weighs 15 tons. All 18 blades had to be transported over a distance of 200 kilometers, from the port of La Rochelle, Poitiers to the site at Lussac-Les-Églises.

Florian Dufresne, Senvion Europe South West Logistics Coordinator explains: "The only possible route for the convoy was to cross the village of Lussac-Les-Églises. However, the total length of the semi-trailer carrying the blade, is 66 meters. With such a ground length, it is impossible to turn in the many tight corners of the village. In facing this challenge, we opted for an innovative solution: the Blade Lifter.”

Transforming a 60-metre blade into 17-metre ground length

By lifting the blade to 30 degrees, Senvion could reduce the ground length of the semi-trailer to 17 meters, which allowed the safe passage of the convoy. Technically, the Blade Lifter is even more powerful and can lift blades up to 50 degrees for the passage of even longer blades.

The technical prowess of the Blade Lifter and the good collaboration between the teams limited the impact of the oversized transportation for the residents and made the commissioning of the wind farm possible without any delays.

Senvion Blade Transportation with Blade Lifter Technology
Transportation through the village of Lussac-Les-Églises using the Blade Lifter