Nordergründe, Germany

  • Location

    approx. 34 km north of Wilhelmshaven, Germany
  • WTG Type

    18 x 6.2M126
  • Total Output

    111 MW
  • Production

    400 GWh per year
  • Operator

    OWP Nordergründe GmbH

Economical solutions for projects of every size

We understand the need for carefully tailored approaches for every size of wind farm. Nordergründe is a small-scale project and Senvion rose to the task, providing solutions that streamlined workflow and provided significant cost reductions.

In 2015, wpd contracted Senvion to deliver 18 6.2M126 turbines for the Nordergründe wind farm. Since the project site is located near shore, within the 12-nautical-mile zone approximately 40 kilometers northwest of Bremerhaven, low and changing water depths turned the logistics of installation and transportation into a major challenge. The offshore project required extra engineering and planning efforts for foundation design, operational installation proceedings and logistics.

Senvion team took on the challenge

For the first time, the nacelles were transported using roll-on-roll-off vessels. The turbine components were moved on the cargo pontoon directly using SPMTs (self-propelled modular transporters) and could thus be loaded and unloaded without cranes. This method offered a much quicker workflow and therefore signifi cant cost reductions. After commissioning in early 2017, the wind farm will be able to supply more than 70,000 households with electricity.

Cooperation for reduced costs

Our cooperation with the client and other contractors led to better overall economics. In order to optimize overall costs, the customer provides the crew-transfer vessel and harbor facilities during the commissioning phase and the 10-year service and maintenance contract, which are shared between the parties. Senvion, in turn, bears the risk of access as part of the production-based contract.