Sarco, Chile

  • Location

    Atacama, Chile
  • WTG Type

    3.4M114 DFIG
  • Installations

    50 turbines
  • Total Output

    170 MW
  • Operator

    Aela Energía

Nothing grows here. Except our turbines.

Building two wind farms with a total capacity of almost 300 megawatts in particularly remote parts of Chile was a special challenge, even for us. The planning and installation phases of the Sarco project with its 50 Senvion 3.4M114 turbines were especially demanding.

Within a very narrow timeframe, we had to put a power supply in place, deal with protracted logistics due to the isolated location and meet requirements for protecting the local flora and fauna.

To keep the project on schedule, we employed a special type of crane which enabled short set-up times, advance delivery and pre-installation. To overcome the lack of an electrical connection, we made use of an external, off-grid system.

Difficult wind conditions placed further strain on man and machine. Special work schedule permits ensured that installation could also go ahead in the early morning hours. What’s more, with their 93-meter hub height, the turbines withstood the high average wind speeds.

Altogether, this project is testimony to our passion for performance and our innovative capabilities.