Wind farm Streu & Saale, Germany

When Senvion took over the Streu & Saale “problem child” in November 2016, there was no valid construction permit for Senvion turbines, the cable route was unsafe and the usage contracts needed to be re-signed. Yet nine months later, the wind farm was finished. Now, ten white Senvion wind turbines turn on a triangle of land between the Streu and Saale rivers, supplying electricity to as many as 15,000 homes.

The wind farm was originally supposed to have been a cooperative project, but those involved foundered in the face of complex structures, national regulations and public protests. After seven fruitless years, Senvion got involved and took over project management – and suddenly, everything started to move very quickly. That was partly because on this project, Senvion was its own customer. Challenges were more easily overcome thanks to interaction between colleagues. They were all working with the same goal in mind: to conduct project management for a turnkey wind farm themselves for the first time in Senvion’s history.

Senvion’s first wind farm “baby” of its own was the product of endless dedication and toil. It was a bold investment that paid off.