Taranto, Italy

  • Location

    Port of Taranto, Mediterranean Sea, Italy
  • Total Output

    30 MW
  • WTG Type

    10 x 3.0M122
  • Electricity production per year

    for 21,000 households
  • Operator


3.0M122 especially adapted to challenging offshore environment

Senvion will install the first offshore wind farm in the Mediterranean Sea located in Taranto, Italy. This project developed by Renexia will feature 10 Senvion 3.0M122 especially adapted to the challenging offshore environment. The turbines will be installed on monopile foundations in a water depth ranging from 3 to 18 metres. Senvion has especially developed a customized installation procedure suitable for the near shore wind farm.

The installation and commissioning are expected for the second half 2019. Senvion will provide full maintenance services for a period of 5 years with an extension option up to 25 years. After completion, the Taranto wind farm will produce enough electricity to power 21,000 households.

Opening up promising offshore market worldwide

The offshore wind market is diversifying in terms of regions, wind regimes and solutions. This requires from vendors innovative approaches and technologies, as shown by Senvion with its flexibly in adapting an offshore version of its 3.0M122 wind turbine. This modular approach is promising for many offshore markets around the globe.

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