We make wind perform.

Wind. Its power fascinates us. Because we know it is vital to our progress toward a sustainable future. With over 7,900 installed turbines, we already produce electricity for more than 11 million households worldwide.

Wind energy is moving into a new phase, defined – more than ever – by one all-important question: how to generate a maximum of energy at the lowest possible LCOE? To answer this question, we work with passion and commitment to make wind energy competitive and profitable for our customers. We keep challenging ourselves to continuously improve the performance of our turbines and we never settle for less than outstanding service – it’s our way of making the wind work a little harder for our customers.

Our new distinctive look reflects this attitude, with bold, dynamic images that capture the power of the wind and a clear and concise language. Our new strapline sums it up in just four words:

See what drives us, every day.