Corporate Governance

Management Board

The Management Board of Senvion S.A. is obliged to act in the enterprise's best interests and undertakes to increase the sustainable value of the enterprise.

Marguerite Ries

Insolvency administrator of Senvion S.A.

The ordinary insolvency procedure for Senvion S.A. was opened by the Luxembourg court on May 27,, 2019. The court of Luxembourg has appointed Marguerite Ries as insolvency administrator. (Senvion GmbH, Senvion Deutschland GmbH and Senvion Holding GmbH, continue to be under preliminary self-administration proceedings)

Yves Rannou

Chief Executive Officer

Yves Rannou is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Senvion S.A. as of 1st January 2019.

Yves Rannou has a long track record as an experienced senior executive in the renewable energy industry. In his previous roles he served in various global positions at General Electric and Alstom. Most recently, Rannou was President and Chief Executive Officer of GE Renewable Energy's Hydro division. Before joining GE in late 2015 following the acquisition of Alstom he spent more than 18 years at the French multinational. During this time, he was responsible for all activities related to Alstom's onshore and offshore wind business while serving as Senior Vice President of the business.

Senvion CSO David Hardy

David Hardy

Chief Sales Officer

David Hardy is Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of Senvion S.A. and joined the company in June 2017.

David Hardy has 27 years of industry experience. Previous to joining Senvion, he worked at various senior positions at Vestas for seven years and at General Electric for ten years. During his time at Vestas, he played a key role in growing the market share and building a solid franchise in the US market. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and an MBA in Finance & Management from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of Senvion S.A. oversees the company’s Management Board and provides advice on all management issues. Frequent and open exchange between both boards is the basis for trustful cooperation.

The Supervisory Board consists of Eugene Davis (Chairman), Steven D. Scheiwe and Timothy Bernlohr.


Besides the Supervisory Board, Senvion has a Nomination Committee, a Remuneration Committee, an Audit Committee, and a Deal Review Committee.
The Nomination Committee advises the Supervisory Board especially in terms of the appointment and recall of the members of the Management Board and other relevant personnel decisions.
The Remuneration Committee advises especially in matters of compensation, stock options, contractual terms and other benefits for the Management Board, but also for other Senvion Group bodies.
The Audit Committee deals especially with the Annual Financial Report and the Internal Control System.
The Deal Review Committee is responsible for decisions on business related deals proposed by the Management Board.


Senvion has a Compliance Management System available. The principles of this system are reflected in the Code of Conduct which is applicable for every Senvion entity and its employees worldwide. Senvion’s Code of Conduct is strengthened by other policies like the Anticorruption Policy, the Antitrust Policy, the Supplier Code of Conduct and the Insider Trading Policy. The Compliance Department regularly reports to the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board of the company. Every single Senvion employee can contact the member of the Compliance team or their direct supervisor in case of compliance relating questions. Besides it is also possible to use an international Whistle-blower System.

Additionally, there is the possibility to report indications of specific legal infringements and regulatory violations not only for Senvion personnel, but for external persons as well. The internal Compliance Department is responsible for receiving information about serious violations. Such incidents can be for example, bribery or antitrust related or can be similar issues. The notifications will be treated confidentially and will only be received by the Compliance Department.

You can contact the compliance department as follows:

Senvion Holding GmbH
Compliance Department
Überseering 10
22297 Hamburg, Germany


Modern Slavery Statement

This statement is published under the provisions of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the ‘Act’). The Act requires organisations to publish an annual statement setting out the actions they have taken during the financial year to ensure slavery or human trafficking is not taking place in their operations or supply chain:

Senvion Modern Slavery Statement for 2017

Notice for Australian creditors

Under the Australian Federal Court (Corporations) Rules 2000 (Cth), Senvion GmbH is required to publish the following notices:

Form 20 notice of filing of application for recognition of foreign proceeding

Form 21 notice of making of order under the Cross-Border Insolvency Act 2008

In compliance with Senvion GmbH’s legal obligations in Australia, Senvion GmbH is required to publish the following order made by Justice Anastassiou dated 7 August 2019 in Federal Court of Australia file no. VID725/2019:

Order, 7 August 2019