Share buy-back

On August 15, 2016, the Management of Senvion S.A. decided to initiate a share buy-back program for a maximum amount of €75 mn over the next two years. The total volume of shares which have been bought back within the framework of the share buy-back amounts to 349,414 shares with a total volume of €5,371,731 (as of 02.12.2016). For more details, please refer to our announcements below.

Share buy-back overview

DateAverage Price [EUR]Volume in sharesTotal volume [EUR]
October    16.0372489,0211,427,651
Total (as of 02.12.2016)15.37354349,4145,371,731

Share buy-back summary by month

December 2016
DateAverage Price [EUR]Volume in sharesTotal volume [EUR]PDF
01 December 201613.4064211,000147,470.63PDF
02 December 201613.193457,02792,710.40PDF
DateAverage Price [EUR]Volume in sharesTotal volume [EUR]PDF
29 November 201613.756223,18443,799.81PDF
30 November 201613.805986,35787,764.58PDF
DateAverage Price [EUR]Volume in sharesTotal volume [EUR]PDF
04 October 201616.0693410,049161,480.80PDF
05 October 201616.011867,544120,793.47PDF
06 October 201616.033704,35469,810.73PDF
07 October 201615.993488,843141,430.30PDF
10 October 201615.998825,83293,305.14PDF
11 October 201615.9139410,592168,560.45PDF
12 October 201615.9753811,148178,093.54PDF
13 October 201616.0044913,490215,900.50PDF
14 October 201616.360495,74493,974.64PDF
17 October 201616.139678,840142,674.66PDF
18 October 201616.103262,58541,626.92PDF
DateAverage Price [EUR]Volume in sharesTotal volume [EUR]PDF
01 September 201614.5243312,460180,973.19PDF
02 September 201614.559447,949115,733.00PDF
05 September 201614.8546111,003163,445.25PDF
06 September 201615.0974316,936255,690.04PDF
07 September 201615.155675,12677,687.96PDF
08 September 201615.186721,64124,921.40PDF
09 September 201615.609514,18565,325.80PDF
12 September 201615.554365,51985,844.52PDF
13 September 201615.9397511,311180,294.46PDF
14 September 201615.9378013,648217,519.07PDF
15 September 201615.936088,224131,058.31PDF
16 September 201615.939014,36069,494.06PDF
19 September 201616.064025,35185,958.58PDF
20 September 201616.227478,248133,844.16PDF
21 September 201616.345388,743142,907.64PDF
22 September 201616.208668,052130,512.09PDF
23 September 201616.196678,333134,966.82PDF
26 September 201616.009714,45071,243.21PDF
27 September 201616.003018,519136,329.67PDF
28 September 201616.1213910,228164,889.59PDF
29 September 201616.019369,650154,586.80PDF
30 September 201615.972938,891142,015.29PDF
DateAverage Price [EUR]Volume in sharesTotal volume [EUR]PDF
26 August 201613.8570012,054167,032.28PDF
29 August 201614.1031015,100212,956.81PDF
30 August 201614.281987,444106,315.07PDF
31 August 201614.3369615,400220,789.17PDF

Company announcements regarding share buy-back program