Grow with Senvion

Our aim is to achieve long-term growth. To get there, we need qualified employees. This opens up a great deal of opportunities for your career development.

Your next step with Senvion

Senvion never stands still. The company’s dynamic environment results in ever new fields for employees who have the means and the will to take the next step.

Training and development

Senvion employees from all departments can choose from a wide range of training options. This can either be specialist training tailored to the demands of the actual position or further education courses for methods and soft skills. However, development at Senvion does not end in the classroom. The most useful lessons can be learnt in practical work. We thus create a working environment that enables you to hone your skills day by day.

Personal planning and individual feedback

There’s nothing like qualified feedback to help you advance. Thus, the dialogue between management and staff is very important to us. A central part of it is the annual talk in which employees and executives discuss overall performance and define individual aims for future career development.

JUMP: Our program for employees with leadership potential

With our international Junior Management Development Program (JUMP), junior employees who show potential for leading positions learn how to manage real international and interdisciplinary projects. Experienced executives act as mentors, providing them with advice and support. Participants can deepen their economic knowledge in an online business simulation game and are prepared for managerial responsibility by leadership and method seminars. With JUMP, juniors from different countries share their experience of working on the same project and build a useful network for future cooperation.

Leadership development at Senvion

To support our leading personnel in reaching their aims and using our management tools, we provide executives with the chance to continuously hone their skills. For this, Senvion offers systematical specialist and method training as well as individual coaching and team development sessions.

Specialist careers

For a high-tech enterprise such as Senvion, expertise is key to staying ahead of the competition. Therefore, aside from classical management careers, we provide experts with the opportunity to take responsibility for strategic tasks. This career is similar to a management career and completely open for further professional development.

One company, four continents: Your chance to an international career

Senvion operates on four continents. Thus, for the majority of our experts and executives, international operations are a matter of course. Whether projects are handled from Germany in cooperation with international units or directly at our international locations, we encourage employee exchange throughout the company. This gives you ample opportunity to master challenging international projects.

Short-term or long-time: International projects

Working abroad is a unique experience: you will meet different cultural and organizational structures, learn a new language and work with lots of different people. Foreign assignments help to enhance cooperation and can be an important step for your personal career. Depending on their individual demands, Senvion employees can volunteer for long-term assignments at local subsidiaries or work on one to three-month projects abroad to expand their network and become familiar with local working conditions.

We will take you with us!

Foreign assignments are always special. To make sure everything works out perfectly, we support our employees in planning and organizing their time abroad. Of course, we keep in constant touch with them during their stay, to plan for the time after their return.

Get an international start!

If you are looking for professional challenges at any of our overseas offices, please send your application directly to the respective subsidiary.