CanWEA 2015

CanWEA 2015 brought together the Canadian wind energy leaders under one roof, showcasing the industry’s activities and upcoming projects. As one of the biggest exhibitors, Senvion had a big presence over the two days of the convention. 106 exhibitors and players of the Canadian wind industry where present, and 1400 attendees visited the convention.

During the conference, Senvion’s team put together a tight and busy schedule of various meetings with most of its main customers and even with other industry players. The presence of senior management from Senvion helped present the company’s new ownership and dynamic vision to CanWEA members present during the meetings and also helped in creating an established and a professional atmosphere at the booth, according to the positive feedbacks from our clients. Helmut Herold, CEO and Manager of Senvion Canada, reflects on some reactions : ‘’We were very pleased with the customers’ reactions to Senvion’s recent announcement in Europe with the 3.4M140 EBC turbine, a suitable turbine model for Canada’s low-winds and highly sound-constrained markets, like Ontario. They were positively impressed by the product.’’

For the first time in its history, CanWEA hosted a plenary session focused on issues of importance to the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) of Canadian wind fleets. Aiming to explore the challenges of managing multiple wind assets, Hardy Steinacker, Head of Service Americas, proudly represented Senvion, and the company’s approach to O&M, as one of the speakers of this plenary.

For Senvion, CanWEA 2015 meant: great feedback from the market on our new 3.4M140 technology, a nice opportunity to talk about our achievements in the Canadian market (we're approaching the 1000MW milestone) and to convey the message to our customers that much more is to come with innovative products and deep understanding of the market conditions.


CanWEA 2015