Global Wind Day - Senvion blade in Lisbon

Global Wind Day is an annual worldwide event that occurs on 15 June. It is a day where the general public can discover wind energy and how it provides clean electricity acroos the world. This year, Senvion and its blade production factory Ria Blade, were sponsors of the event "A blade in Lisbon" organized by APREN, the Portuguese wind association. The event took place between June 15th to 18th in the Parque das Nações.

A 40-metre giant transported from Vagos to Lisbon

The 40-metre "RE40" blade, on display in Lisbon in the Parque das Nações, is produced in the Senvion Portuguese factory, Ria Blades located in Vagos. It is part of the the Senvion MM82 wind turbine. The blade is the largest single piece component of a wind turbine but the 40-metre blade is the smallest blade produced by Senvion in Portugal. The range of blades is comprised of lenghts between 40 and 70 metres - approximately as long as the Airbus A380.

The blade on display at the APREN event was transported from Vagos to Lisbon on June 15th. Transportation of such a large component creates a big challenge. Paulo Moreira, Project Manager at Senvion Portugal states: "Senvion has experience in transporting blades and other wind turbine components in complex terrain such as mountain areas but not in the centre of a city like Lisbon. The wind projects are usually located in less populated areas, therefore transporting a 40-metre blade for Global Wind Day in Lisbon was a new and exciting challenge for me. The city traffic and the access conditions are much more complex. A good coordination between Senvion and all involved parties including the transportation company LASO, local authorities and police, was essential to ensure the success of this project."

A successful "Dia do Vento"

The "Dia do Vento" in the Parque das Nacoes, in Lisbon attracted many people. The public was curious about the 40m blade. Many questions have been asked about the impact of renewables in the country and the cost of wind energy were answered and discussed throughout the day. Senvion Portugal employees were happy to share their expertise explaining the technology of the blades but also of wind turbines in general and also answered questions about jobs in wind energy sector. Joao Amaral, Sales Manager at Senvion Portugal, is enthusiastic: "The Global Wind Day is a perfect opportunity to promote wind energy to the large public. Thanks to continuous technology improvements, Senvion wind turbines can deliver clean and competitive energy. I take great pride in working within this sector."

A long term presence in Portugal employing over 1,300 people

Senvion has been present in Portugal since 2004. With over 450 MW of installed capacity in the country, Senvion offers tailored-made solutions for projects in Portugal, featuring production of blades, nacelles and hubs locally. The Senvion team is capable of providing the best solutions engineering, namely the location, construction, transportation, installation, and operation and maintenance services. Since 2014, Senvion is the market leader in absolute new capacity in Portugal.*

In Portugal, Senvion is represented by Senvion Portugal S.A (Sales and Administration) as well as subsidiaries Ria Blades - blade production - and Ventipower - nacelle and hubs assembly. Ria Blades is the only factory in the world capable of producing six blade models.

Portugal is a strategic market for Senvion which employs over 1,300 employees and which has invested over 100 million euros in the country. Paulo Silva, Senvion Senior Vice President for global blades, comments "With over 1,300 highly-skilled employees in world-class blade manufacturing and nacelle assemblies factories located here, Senvion strongly contributes to Portugal’s renewable energy targets and job creation. Additionally, Senvion has established long-term cooperation with the universities of Aveiro, Minho and Porto, as well as with R&D laboratories and local suppliers. Portugal has become a true success story for Senvion."