Last Senvion 6.2M126 installed at Nordsee One

Now they are all turning: the last of the 54 Senvion offshore turbines at Nordee One was installed on September 22nd 2017. The wind farm, with a total installed capacity of 332 megawatts, is scheduled to start commercial operation by the end of the year.

Transport and installation of the turbines

The transport and the installation of the offshore giants were particularly exciting for this project. Because of the relative proximity to the port Senvion decided to pre-assemble the tower and the rotor in the harbor as this offered themost pragmatic solution. Rainer Güsloff-Below, responsible for transporting the large components to the Nordsee One Windpark, explained: "The logistics concept for such a big project is like a puzzle: There are different ways and approaches to bring all modules of the plant to their destination quickly, securely and as cost-effectively as possible. But only if the right tailor-made solution for the project can be offeredis the end result a success for all parties involved. We are pleased that we have accomplished this ."

An exciting and successful project time is coming to an end for the Senvion offshore team, but new tasks are already waiting: Senvion is already immersed in the project planning for the Trianel Borkum II wind farm featuring 32 6.XM152.

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