On the tailwinds of success

Senvion’s fairs and announcements in the last few months

Over the past few months Senvion has been ramping up its activities across several markets, including a larger visibility during main industry events. Senvion strived to demonstrate an openness and flexibility in responding to the needs of our customers and the market across all its activities. Through many client meetings and expert panel discussions held across the fairs and conferences, Senvion was often in the core of events and in the great company of its peers.

Offshore Wind Energy, London, United Kingdom

Back in June, Senvion attended London Offshore Wind Energy, the largest international offshore tradeshow and conference in the world. The company’s 6.XM series turbines are currently in commercial operation across several European projects such as the Nordergründe (111 MW) wind farm, and the just recently installed Nordsee One (332 MW). Senvion was also well positioned to announce that it has begun, working on a new generation offshore turbine: The 10 MW+ turbine. This new turbine is set to expand our offshore innovation further, and will make headway in the European markets as well as markets such as Asia and the US where offshore will steadily develop.

HUSUM Wind, Husum, Germany

In September, Senvion participated in the HUSUM Wind fair located at the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. HUSUM Wind fair is a developing hub for European business onshore and offshore. Senvion took the opportunity to announce the extension and modularity of its 3.XM series with two new products: The 3.7M144 EBC for low wind sites, and the 3.6M118 NES for medium to high wind.

CanWEA, Montreal, Canada

Shortly after in early October, Senvion was in full swing during CanWEA’s annual conference in Montreal. The trade show offered the ideal opportunity to showcase Senvion’s readiness for the future with its modular technology having previously announced at Husum, but with news that adaptations for the North American market will soon be available. The focus was on Senvion’s capacity to customize its technology according to current and future customer needs. Furthermore, Senvion North America kicked off its 10 year anniversary with a very successful customer event in Montreal’s famous Old Port district. Customers, suppliers and business partners from across the country were present to celebrate this milestone.

WindEurope, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lastly, Senvion was just recently present at WindEurope in Amsterdam, with over 7000 visitors from all over the world. 300 exhibitors contributed to show current developments in the wind industry. With Senvion’s numerous developments over the course of the year, our colleagues and their respective customers had much to discuss. Valuable contacts were made at numerous networking events and continued dialogues for upcoming opportunities were a buzz at the Senvion booth.

Upcoming events

Catch us at the following fairs in the new year: