Senvion showcases its tangible wind energy solutions at the "National Wind Energy Colloquium" in Paris

The 8th National Wind Energy colloquium, organized by France Energie Eolienne, the French Wind Energy Association, brought together the entire wind energy sector, on September 19th and 20th September of 2017 in Paris. This year’s theme, "Wind energy: Concrete solutions for the France of tomorrow" is perfectly in line with the Senvion’s strategy. This annual event was the opportunity for Senvion to meet and discuss with its clients on current and future projects.

With a 15 year presence in France, Senvion has always offered tangible solutions for its customers. Therefore, Senvion has continuously focused its growth based on innovation, flexible product and service offerings, and a strong track record of job creation across the country.

Innovation: A growth factor for Senvion

Today, the technological evolution of wind turbines is moving towards machines with larger rotors to better capture the wind. This brings new challenges, such as the transportation of longer blades. The Senvion France team took up this challenge for the Lussac wind farm, a project of six 3.0M122 turbines. To transport the 60-meter-long blades through villages and forested areas, the company used the innovative "Blade Lifter" equipment. Senvion premiered a video during the colloquium with the most impressive scenes of this project:

Another innovation presented at the Senvion stand was the floating offshore project. In partnership with Eolmed led by Quadran, Senvion is set to supply four wind turbines, with a nominal power of 6.15 MW, to the first floating wind pilot project in Gruissan by the Mediterranean sea.

A flexible product and service offering for competitive energy

During the colloquium, Senvion presented its new 3 megawatt turbines, the 3.6M118 NES, the 3.6M140 EBC and the 3.7M144 EBC, respectively equipped with a rotor of 118, 140 and 144 meters diameter. The 3.6M118 NES turbine is particularly efficient for high wind sites and the 3.6M140 EBC and 3.7M144 EBC, equipped with a large rotor, are ideal for low wind sites. With a flexible range of wind turbines, Senvion is able to propose to developers and operators efficient and competitive solutions for their wind projects.

Job creation in France

Wind energy is one of the pillars of the energy transition in France. Senvion is an active participant in this transition by creating value and jobs in France. Today, Senvion employs 220 people in France. The company has an collaborative approach to work with industrial and service suppliers across the country. With the opening of its 15th maintenance center in Burgundy, Senvion is serving its clients with a greater response time and efficiency in every French region.

Senvion experts talk at the Colloquium

Senvion's experts participated in various presentations during the colloquium. One of the main discussions during the conference was “Improving the performance of existing wind farms” as it is a major challenge for the wind industry. Senvion proposed concrete solutions to tackle this matter. Ghislain Behaghel, Head of Project Engineering Senvion Europe South-West, presented the "Turbine Control Upgrade" solution which enables to improve the performance of wind turbines. This solution is based on an optimized alignment of the rotor and a lower start-up speed based on algorithms. Therefore, the Turbine Control Upgrade allows operators to improve the production of their wind farms.

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Another innovative solution presented by Jean-Pierre Gay, Head of Service Senvion Europe South West during Innovations Pitches during the colloquium was monitoring the wind turbines rotor shaft by ultrasound. Watch the video of this pitch on youtube.

Watch the video of this pitch on YouTube