Introducing the Senvion 4 MW Platform

This past May, Senvion launched its latest turbine model, the Senvion 4.2 MW turbine with two rotors diameters: the Senvion 4.2M140 and 4.2M148. This type turbine has been met with much excitement, and initial market reactions are overwhelmingly positive. The 4.2M140 and the 4.2M148 were featured in one of the largest wind energy conferences ,the American Wind Energy’s Annual conference: WINDPOWER. But the 4.2 MW turbine represents much more than a new product release for Senvion, it’s the culmination and continuation of its aggressive and agile strategy for international growth.

Technology That Incites Revolution

Over the last few years Senvion has been working across the board to provide competitive offerings led by innovative turbines. This is where the 4 MW platform comes in. Based on the strong foundation of Senvion’s 3 MW fleet and the lessons learned from  over 1,000 installed WECs in the field, both the new 4.2 MW turbines represents Senvion’s best and most innovative onshore turbine solutions.

Founded on Senvion’s tried and true 3 MW platform, the company’s engineers developed  turbines which provided an increase in AEP while driving down the levelized cost of energy. Larger rotor diameters (140 and 148 meters) are designed for more efficiency great for low and medium wind sites with innovative materials like Senvion’s proprietary Rodpack technology proven from Offshore applications. Both turbines feature a full converter system to meet highest grid demands while ensuring a robust operations and high availability for a 25 year design-lifetime. The 4.2M140 and the 4.2M148 are turbines adaptable across regions in North America as well as Europe.

Customization: The Core of Senvion’s Business

The concept of customization is one that has been at the center of Senvion’s business. With a strong growth strategy in place, competitive technology and strategic approach on every level, Senvion is sharpening its product portfolio across the board by being a flexible solutions partner, and challenging the market status quo. As David Hardy, Executive Director of Senvion mentions, “The days of ‘Here is the pdf of our turbine, let us know if it works’ are over.” With modularization at the heart of Senvion’s approach, the company is building some of the most flexible project solutions in the market, and the 4.2M140 and 4.2M148 are a prime example of this. Whether it’s changing the blade length, electrical rating, the tower heights: depending on the wind regime of the site, whatever is needed to be customized to produce the highest yield within the IEC approved class, Senvion’s 4 MW platform is up to the challenge. It combines the innovation of a multi-megawatt platform with Senvion’s reliability and efficiency and, of course, the German engineering company’s proven track record.

The Future is Here: A Turbine For Today’s Competitive Market

The innovative technology, coupled with the highly customizable approached makes the 4 MW platform one of the most competitive turbines in the market, today. These turbines were designed with more efficiency, higher availability and lower transport, installation, and service costs in mind to generate high-yields and high returns for its customers.

For the North American market, a bigger nameplate capacity such as the 4.2 MW makes these machines perfect for the East Coast region, but there are plenty opportunities across the Mid- and South-West regions for such a large turbine. But make no mistake the 4.2 MW turbines are applicable to many wind jurisdictions across the world and Senvion has a strong pipeline of projects globally where they are a perfect fit.