Senvion is crossing the Irish Sea with great leaps

The Irish onshore wind industry has grown steadily in recent years with over 3,916 MW of installed wind power as of 2017. Senvion recognises the strategic importance and value of Ireland as a place to do business and has set ambitious targets for market growth in the region.

Senvion has already left its mark on the Emerald Island, securing nearly 40 MW of orders since signing its first contract back in 2016. This includes five MM82 turbines supplied to NTR’s 10.25 MW Teevurcher Wind Farm in County Meath. Since then two more contracts have been signed towards the end of 2017, including two 3.2M114 machines at NTR’s Rachnacally Wind Farm in Cork and 10 turbines, including MM82 and MM92 models, for Galetech’s 20 MW Carrickallen project in Cavan.

The company is taking advantage of Ireland’s REFIT 2 support mechanism, actively targeting developers aiming to commission wind farms through 2018 and 2019. REFIT 2 is a feed-in tariff scheme that was established in 2012 to support the development of up to 4,000 MW of electricity generating capacity in Ireland, from wind, hydro and biomass to landfill gas technologies. Progress under the scheme is incentivised through the imposition of various deadlines, including one for the initial support application and the connection of each project that is admitted into the scheme.

Senvion has a clear and defined strategy to maximise its involvement in the remaining REFIT 2 funded projects. In the short to medium term, the company is focusing on engaging with developers and utilities commissioning wind farms perfectly suited to Senvion’s MM and 3.XM turbine models. Senvion is also pushing tailor made hardware solutions adjusted for site-specific conditions, as well as looking to share project risk with developers where the opportunity arises.

Jochen Magerfleisch Executive Vice President for Sales in Northern Europe
Senvion has ambitious targets for Ireland as we do for many of our emerging markets. We always aim to be one of, if not the leading supplier in a new market.

Jochen Magerfleisch, Executive Vice President for Sales in Northern Europe, comments: “Senvion has ambitious targets for Ireland as we do for many of our emerging markets. We always aim to be one of, if not the leading supplier in a new market and we have a clear strategy on how we will achieve this in Ireland. Maximising the remaining REFIT 2 commissions will be the priority through 2018, before the market prepares itself for an auction based system. At this point, Senvion’s cost efficient turbines, first class service support and a flexible, modular approach which enables the company to deliver site specific solutions, will put Senvion in a strong position going forward.”

He further explains: “There are not many manufacturers that have installed products and are generating revenue in the first year of a new market entry. It is up to us now to put a marker down as a company to watch in Ireland. Our relatively small size compared to some of our competitors, enables us to react more quickly to opportunities and develop closer, more personal relationships with our customers and partners. We are in essence a local company with a global reach and this will put us in good steads in a post subsidy market both in Ireland and other markets worldwide.”