Senvion makes its mark in Spain

A winning market entry strategy

With over 23 GW of cumulative wind capacity already connected in the country, Spain is ranked fifth in the world in terms of wind capacity, behind China, the US, Germany and India. However, due to retroactive cuts to its feed-in tariff, the Spanish wind market went through a difficult period between 2012 and 2016. Since 2016, the country’s wind sector has experienced a revival, with the launch of tenders with a capacity of 4.6 GW.

Present in Spain since 2009, Senvion took an active role in this recent upsurge in the wind energy market, culminating in the signing of up to 300 MW contract with Alfanar in August 2018.

The key to success

The Alfanar contract is largely thanks to Senvion’s successful business development strategy initiated two years ago. In 2016, when the Spanish market had regained momentum, Senvion’s existing customers in France, Portugal and Belgium contacted the company to discuss potential projects in the resurging Spanish market.

Leveraging the experience of its sales colleagues in France and Portugal, Senvion started its Spanish business development activities. At the time, competition was fierce, with a number of OEMs already well established in a mature market. However, thanks to Senvion’s flexible, customer-centric approach and modular product portfolio, Senvion was successful in signing a major Spanish contract with Alfanar, clearly demonstrating the company’s ability to succeed in a challenging and demanding market. This major contract win also shows Senvion’s capacity to offer solutions on a global basis to its clients as the company signed a separate contract with Alfanar for a project in India, during the same period.

An important contributor to this period of success, has been the opening of Senvion’s office in Spain, located in Madrid. The new office was opened in February 2018.

Senvion Iberica, recently launched in Madrid, will manage the activities in Spain with the support of employees located across the Europe South hub. Our ambitious recruitment plan covers all the fields including; project management, logistics, QHSE, service technicians, engineers, sales, finance and administration.
João Amaral Sales Development Manager of Senvion in Spain and Portugal

Senvion’s Spanish office will be responsible for executing signed wind projects located in Andalusia, Castilla y León, Galícia and Asturias with more to follow. These projects will be installed and commissioned from 2019 onwards and all will be fully serviced by Senvion for a period of 20 years.

From left to right: Javier Tolsa and Joao Amaral at Senvion Iberica office
The Alfanar contract signature in Spain is the beginning of our success story in the country. It also represents an overall company success that involved colleagues from different departments and countries, including France, Portugal, UK, India and Germany.
Olivier Perot Managing Director of Senvion Europe South

Focusing on excellent execution

With these projects in Spain, Senvion is gaining visibility and a positive reputation in the Spanish wind industry. In the coming months, Senvion will be focusing on executing signed projects to the highest of standards, as well as sourcing new contracts and customers.