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Are You Ready for the German Renewable Energy Sources Act 2017?

Prepare for the transition to auctions professionally with expert knowledge.

Starting in 2017, the rates of renewable funding to be applied for electricity from onshore wind turbines on the German market will no longer be defined by law but determined by market competition via auctions. For future wind turbine operators, the transition to auction-based rates of renewable funding will result in major changes in the planning and project execution. In future, the volume of funding will be limited and rates of funding uncertain. Additionally, competition and pricing pressure will increase as well as financial risks in view of bid bonds and penalization.

In order to succeed under the new regulatory framework we offer our customers an optimum and customized service in all project phases in the auctioning process – from project development and approval procedures, through the bidding phase to realization, commission and operation of the project - Senvion has assembled an expert team especially for this purpose. The auction team comprises experts in tendering, financing, yield optimization (Wind & Site), construction approval processes and project management and provides comprehensive support for all issues before, during and after the auctioning process.

You can find detailed information at, contact our expert team directly at ausschreibungen-eeg2017@senvion.com, or call us on 0049/40/5555090-3942.

Senvion will get you ready for the German Renewable Energy Sources Act 2017.