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Exclusive technology for more efficient rotor blades

The demand for wind turbine systems for locations with lower wind speeds is growing steadily, requiring more efficient and longer blades. Senvion is responding to these calls for innovation - in November 2015 Senvion introduced its Senvion 3.4M140 wind turbine with the longest onshore blades currently available. More recently, Senvion bought RodPack technology from the Chase Corporation.

The RodPack technology is based on cured, pultruded rods on a non-woven fabric and will replace the standard fibreglass matting in the main belt, facilitating optimized blade design and faster, higher-quality blade production. The material properties of RodPack are nine percent better than those of high-modulus glass fibres, and 20 percent better than standard unidirectional, glass-fibre-based fabric. This opens up the possibility of developing blade designs with higher energy yields, longer service lives, that are suitable for higher wind classes.

Andreas Nauen, the CEO of Senvion, explains: "The continuous improvement of our systems and their efficiency is extremely important to us. We always strive to use the best and highest-quality materials and products available on the market. For us, the purchase of RodPack is a logical step on the way to this goal."

Senvion is currently working on the joint development of a machine for expanding RodPack production capacity, quickly and efficiently providing the material in the form required for further processing. The technology will be used exclusively in Senvion turbines. RodPack is currently used for the rotor blades of the Senvion 6.2M152 offshore turbine and will be integrated into future blade designs for both onshore and offshore turbines.