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Heading for success: Senvion is No. 2 in Germany

The number of onshore wind turbines continues to grow, not least because Senvion has upped the number of commissions – to such an extent, in fact, that we now rank in second place in Germany.

2015 was the second-most successful year for the development of wind energy in Germany after 2014. This is evident from the annual register published by the Federal Network Agency, which states that 1,253 wind turbines with a total output of 3,416 megawatts (MW) went into operation between January and December 2015.

With installed power of 697 MW, Senvion made a major contribution to that figure and simultaneously increased its own market share to 20.41 per cent, placing Senvion in 2nd place in Germany for the first time.

In terms of regional distribution, our activities in Schleswig-Holstein are particularly noticeable: with a total of 465 MW installed wind power, we acquired a record market share of 54 per cent in the federal state with the highest total installed power (861 MW). We also play a central role in the states of NorthRhine-Westphalia (25 per cent, 80 MW) and in the city states of Hamburg (100 per cent, 8 MW) and Bremen (59 per cent, 7 MW).

Karsten Benecke, Senvion Sales Director for Central Europe, states the factors behind the company’s success: “We are close to our customers and deliver products that are tailored exactly to their requirements. Thanks to our well organised and efficiently coordinated project implementation, our wind turbines can be linked up to the grid on schedule, making us a reliable partner for our customers.”