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One of us: André Müller - Head of Project Manager Senvion Central hub

1. What do you do at Senvion? – describe your job.

I started at Senvion in 2010 as a Project Manager for New Markets – at the beginning it was very full-on: I was new to the field and had been living and working in the Middle East for three years, so the openness of my colleagues and the fantastic way we work together made the first period of time much easier for me. Just after I started a chance came up to take on the role of Head of Offshore Proposal Management for a year and a half. This was a really enriching experience, getting to know this area of our business as well! In 2013 I returned to Onshore Project Management as Head of Projects for our Central European hub in charge of Germany, Austria and Poland. Together with our highly motivated team we look after a portfolio of around 60 projects. It’s just such a pleasure to be in this field, working for and with our customers on the professional implementation of their wind farms while at the same time putting our heads together to find the best solutions for both parties. And there’s plenty of variety in the wide range of fascinating projects: at the moment we’re setting up the ‘Landin’ project using a prototype for a new high steel tower. On top of that we’re planning to install the first Senvion 3.4M140 turbines with a hub height of 130m in early 2017. The various prototypes in our portfolio present an ongoing challenge given how we are constantly scrutinising and optimising processes.


2. What do you like about your work?

We work in a sector that is to a large extent still emerging, and I think it’s exciting to experience the process of professionalization first-hand. Markets are always changing and especially in project management this calls for an enormous amount of flexibility.

Yet this is precisely what inspires and motivates me every single day: the incredible openness to change demonstrated by all my colleagues and their willingness to constantly work at honing their skills.


3. What makes you proud of your work?

I’m proud of the way we work together: in day-to-day teamwork we all pull together and support each other despite the ever-present challenges. Together we’ve already secured a good many project management improvements over the last two years. We’re just in the process of carrying out a modular training programme for the whole team which we’ve put together ourselves – so it gives us exactly what we need. Everyone taking part is keen and motivated: it’s moments like these that highlight how every member of the team wants to contribute to Senvion’s success.


4. Does wind power play a part in your personal life as well?

Whenever the topic of wind power comes up in discussions with family, friends and acquaintances we seem to end up having heated debates about the expansion of renewable energy sources. Even though in Germany in particular an ever increasing amount of advocacy for the further expansion of wind power is needed in many regions, the overwhelming number of people we speak to are enthusiastic about it. What we are doing is worthwhile and we are contributing to the sustainable production of energy. To be told this again and again in discussions is very motivating for me.