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One of us: Anurag Rai, Senvion UK Sales Team Lead

What do you do in Senvion? – describe your job.

I have been working in Sales in Senvion since 2010 in Edinburgh, Scottland. My background is engineering and business administration. My role requires me to deal with commercial and technical topics alike so in an industry such as ours it is a good combination to have.


What do you like about your work?

During my time at Senvion I have managed a number of customers based in the UK as well as other markets in Europe. Winning business definitely gives a buzz and in sales you are at the forefront of it. Our customers are extremely knowledgeable and well informed so it is paramount that we know the Senvion technical and commercial offering inside and out as well as the competition when bidding on multi million contracts. We constantly have to think on our feet in order to come up with innovative ways to address customer financial and contractual requirements. When deadlines are tight this can sometimes be a bit stressful but nothing gives greater satisfaction than knowing that both your customers and board are pleased with the outcome. I like the diversity of working in Sales and working at Senvion requires me to work with our customers who come from a diverse background. I have frequent interactions with engineering, construction, legal service and finance professionals and this makes the role quite interesting. Working in the EU North hub in Senvion with responsibility of a few different countries is also a good way of getting international experience.


What makes you proud about your work?

On a day to day basis it’s my colleagues at Senvion, here in the UK, in Germany and elsewhere who are the key players maintaining happy customers. It makes me proud to hear that customers buy from Senvion not only for its products but also because of our people. I have been fortunate enough to have long standing relationships with some very good Senvion customers who believe in us. It is rewarding to get positive feedback from customers as it reinstates the belief and trust that customers have in us. We do a lot of repeat business which demonstrates how we can achieve great things at Senvion and differentiate ourselves if we combine excellent people and products.


Is your private life be influenced by wind as well?

In addition to the functional parts of working at Senvion it fills me with pride in saying that I have made a small contribution in some ways to a cleaner environment. Not many jobs give this opportunity so it is an added benefit of working in wind at Senvion. In the UK we also have a great team that always makes coming to work a pleasure. Living in the windiest country in Europe I am glad that by working at Senvion I am making some use of the wind blowing.