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Senvion has installed the largest rotor diameter – 122 meters – in France

Since December 2016, in the northern-east France municipality of Coupéville, we can see the largest rotor diameter wind turbine in France. Senvion has installed the five wind turbines Senvion 3.0M122 with a 122-meter rotor diameter, as large as the diameter of the famous Ferris wheel “London Eye”.

The Senvion 3.0M122, with a 89-meter hub height, installed in the Quatre Chemins wind farm are designed for low wind speed sites. The 3.0M122 is the ideal turbine for Coupéville wind farm to produce clean and competitive electricity.

“The erection of the rotor with such a dimension is a real challenge. But it is above all a logistics success” says Samson Lecluyse, the enthusiastic Senvion France Project Manager. “Regarding planning and execution approach, the transport of the large components to the site was a huge challenge. Due to the large dimension of our road convoys, transport via highways is inevitable. Therefore, we have to deal with additional entities and people for this project. It is both stimulating and exciting for me to manage such a project!”

The Senvion 3.XM turbines with large rotor diameter are perfectly adapted to low wind speed sites. The performance of the new Senvion 3.6M140 EBC, 3.4M122 NES and 3.6M114 NES, respectively with a rotor diameter of 140, 122 and 114 meters, allows to produce competitive electricity even in low wind speed sites.

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