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Senvion MM92, silent in the mountains

Senvion installed its most successful turbines in an eco-sustainability wind farm following an agreement between AGSM and the municipality of Rivoli Veronese.

They are located on Monte Mesa, 300 meters above sea level and a few kilometres from Verona. The wind farm can be reached along a cycling route that runs from the town of Romeo and Juliet to Rivoli Veronese; further cycling routes are provided around the wind farm itself.

It has taken a lot of effort to integrate this wind farm into a priority habitat area that is home to several kinds of wild orchids and other species of native plants. To achieve this, support was received from the National Centre for the Study and Conservation of Forest Biodiversity of Peri (State Forestry Department), the local Legambiente environmental group, and the Lombardy Seed Bank (CFA) based at Monte Barro Natural Park.

Today, in addition to enjoying the park on bike, schoolchildren can learn about wind energy along a specially built trail that features dedicated information boards and panels providing information about the project, the theory behind the use of wind turbines, and details about the areas winds:

  • Peler blows regularly from north to south from the early hours of the night until 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning - it builds up force at sunrise due to the rise in temperature
  • Ora is a land wind - less intense than Peler - that blows from south to north, from the Po valley. It begins shortly after Peler dies down around noon and blows until late afternoon.

The exact location of the four MM92 wind turbines that Senvion proposed for the Venetian park have been positioned in such a way as to intercept these two winds and take full advantage of the Trentino cold wind that blows through the Val d'Adige valley.

The turbines are 78.5 metres high with a rotor diameter of 92 metres and a power output of 2 megawatts each. This makes them ideal turbines for medium to low wind speeds. Introduced into the market in 2006, this is Senvion's most successful turbine, generating consistently high energy in a range of locations. Guaranteed power, efficiency, and reliability.

The careful design of the blades has created a wing profile with very low friction and high performance. Designed by Senvion, these blades are a technological solution particularly suited to densely populated areas such as Rivoli Veronese because of how quiet they are whilst moving.

One of the key factors in the success of creating this park was managing the logistics. Trucks had to be specially fitted to make it possible to transport the nacelles, towers and blades across the Alpine routes and paths.

The project forcast the production of 14.5 million kilowatt-hours, enough to meet the electricity needs of at least

18,000 customers, far more than the actual 1200 inhabitants of Rivoli Veronese - who will receive a yield from selling the extra energy produced.

The plant went into operation in February 2013 and annual production stands at about 15.5 MWh. The first three years of operation were judged by customers as “very satisfactory”.

Since April 2014, the wind farm has been open to students and it is very interesting to see them have the opportunity to visit the turbines and enjoy the area, walking or cycling around the dry meadows rich with wild orchids - areas specifically restored to offset any ecological footprint caused by the wind farm. To date, more than 2000 students have visited the site.