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Senvion wins “Manufacturer of the Year” award in Quebec

Senvion was awarded the title of Manufacturer of the Year” by the members of the jury for the Fifth Quebec Wind Energy Gala held by TechnoCentre Éolien in Quebec. This honour highlights Senvion’s growing list of achievements in the province, most notably the Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n Wind Project (MU). MU is Quebec’s first-ever Aboriginal wind farm. It is a flagship wind farm, and a 50-50 partnership between developer Innergex and three Mi’gmaq Nations of Quebec. Senvion is supplying 46 3.2M114 CCV and 1 MM92 type turbines, with its anti-icing system, for a total of 150 megawatts (MW). Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n will be operational by end of year.

Helmut Herold, CEO of Senvion in North America, says: “We are very honoured by this award, and are thankful to Wind Energy TechnoCentre éolien for their support and recognition of our efforts. In the last 10 years, we have demonstrated that wind is a cost-competitive renewable energy, on par with any new energy generation. Prices are dropping lower with each wave of procurement and technological innovation; Senvion is proud to be a partner in Quebec’s renewable energy progress.”

Frédéric Côté, General Manager of TechnoCentre éolien, and jury member of the 5th Quebec Wind Energy Industry Gala explains: “Since establishing itself in Quebec, Senvion has worked closely and forged strong relationships with several Quebec companies. Senvion has also developed a number of important innovations in collaboration with numerous Quebec players. Their new 3.2 MW turbine equipped with anti-icing that is being installed at Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n this year represents a great accomplishment.”

For Senvion, this award reflects the company’s staunch commitment to the Province of Quebec. With its North American headquarters in Montreal, Senvion has developed a strong local expertise that can benefit the province’s future plans for wind. In the past decade, the industry has contributed to building one of the most robust wind markets in the country. With the announcement of Quebec’s new energy policy, Herold believes that Quebec’s expertise runs the risk of being lost without the continued collaboration between industry decision makers.

Helmut Herold concludes: “We know that there are opportunities to export our knowledge and our energy; we also know that further investments in wind energy will benefit Quebec in developing a sustainable business model between domestic and foreign needs of energy. I urge all of us, from associations, political stakeholders and business partners, to work collaboratively and ensure that wind continues to have a strong role in the province.”

Photo - from left to right: Berj Tatiyousian, HSE Advisor; Nicolas Pichette, Marketing and Communications Manager; Jean Lux, Field Operation Manager, OM Canada; Helmut Herold, CEO und Managing Director of Senvion in North America; Christoph Golombek, Project Engineering, Icing and Cold Climate, Americas; Olivier Rossman, Sales Manager