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Successful project realization with Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the operative implementation of strategic company targets. Its purpose is to understand projects not as single units but in an interacting network.

What does this mean in detail? PPM utilizes different methodologies in order to control the portfolio. With a detailed Project Forecast we are able to secure resources on the market such as cranes and installation teams. By clustering projects we can save money and also reduce project risks at a very early stage of the project. The Portfolio Analysis enables us to identify projects with special contractual obligations and therefore allows for according prioritization. Hence, we gain a transparent overview of the obligations and can utilize them via lessons learned in order to continuously improve future contracts. By detailed Project Performance Tracking and the subsequent Risk Management we can react on short term shifts in the project time schedule due to e.g. weather delays. Further risks due to chain planning of projects can be anticipated before they even occur. This transparency and communication towards all stakeholders of the project aligns everyone to reach the identified target.

This is also shown in the numbers: At the end of 2016, Senvion Deutschland GmbH (GER – AT – PL) was able to exceed contractual obligations with 3% additional installations and 4% additional commissioning. Furthermore, with 22% additional Final Acceptances (FAC) we were able to hand over a large number of projects to our colleagues from Service.

The customer is at the center of PPM. Our goal is to increase customer satisfaction on our way to become a project driven company. PPM is therefore an effective tool in order to achieve customer as well as company targets.