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WindEnergy Hamburg – Senvion launches new towers and turbines for challenging locations

Higher towers, higher output, higher flexibility - Senvion presented new towers and turbines to wind-power industry experts at WindEnergy Hamburg. The event was an opportunity to showcase Senvion’s High Steel Tower and Hybrid Tower with increased hub height as well as three new turbine power upgrades that have been developed to adapt to important changes in the wind industry.

Senvion has been working hard to create a comprehensive portfolio of turbines to best meet the needs of sites with low wind speeds and topographically challenging conditions.

Tower height is an important factor in increasing the commercial viability of wind farms in challenging locations. In addition fast assembly, easy transport and flexibility of tower installation are also critical as they all have a direct effect on cost.

The New Hybrid Tower has a hub height of 160 meters. This increase in hub height can raise annual energy production by up to 23% compared to a hub height of 110 meters. The tower combines a bottom section made of prefabricated concrete components with a tubular steel tower for the upper section. All of its components are sized for easy transport and fast assembly and enable installation in nearly all weather conditions.

The High Steel Tower also, soars to new heights when it comes to flexible construction and operation: Its two bottom sections are built of several 20 meter long steel panels, which are bolted together on site. Next, four tubular steel segments, joined by ring flanges, are mounted onto this 40 meter high base.

Senvion has also extended its onshore portfolio with three new wind turbine power upgrades. Two of which are part of the NES platform – the Next Electrical System – and already comply with future grid code requirements. The new turbine based on the EBC platform (Eco Blade Control) also comes equipped with NES and features low sound power levels and an outstanding operational life of 25 years.

The new 3.6M114 NES turbine is based on the 3.4M114 NES. With its increased rated output of 3,600 kW, it achieves an increase in annual energy production of up to 2.4 %. The 3.6M114 NES turbine offers outstanding flexibility and can be used for a wide range of different sites and conditions as it has been certified for wind classes IEC IIA, IIIA and S.

The second new turbine, the 3.4M122 NES model for medium wind speed sites has also received a power upgrade. The successor to the 3.2M122 has been certified for wind class IEC II and for sites in wind zone 4. The yield of the new turbine is 2.4 % higher than that of its predecessor.

Finally, the third new model, the 3.6M140 EBC with a rated output of 3,600 kW, is the most powerful Senvion onshore turbine to date. It is certified up to wind class IEC S (based on IIB) and delivers a 3 % higher yield compared to its precursor, the 3.4M140 EBC.

Together, these additions to the Senvion product portfolio complement the existing range and provide an optimal solution for a wide range of sites and highly diverse wind conditions.