Executive transition

Senvion announces that Chief Executive Officer Jürgen Geißinger is stepping down with the Board's agreement. Over the last two plus years, Jürgen Geißinger has led the company during a challenging time for our sector, successfully transitioning Senvion... Read more

Senvion leads Innovation-Consortium

The ReaLCoE project led by Senvion serves the strategic mission to develop the "Next Generation 10+MW rated, Robust, Reliable and Large Offshore Wind Energy Converters for Clean, Low Cost and Competitive Electricity". The team gathered around Senvion... Read more

Senvion confirms its expansion in Serbia

Senvion has completed the installation of the 14th turbine of out 21 Senvion MM100 turbines of the Serbian Alibunar wind farm. After its completion planned in summer this year, the 42 megawatts (MW) wind farm will be among the largest installed in Serbia... Read more

Senvion meets 2017 financial targets

Senvion has met the company's targets for 2017. The adjusted EBITDA margin amounted to 8.0 % as guided last year. In a challenging market environment, Senvion achieved robust revenues of EUR 1,890 million in 2017. Some project delays led to a minor shift... Read more

Senvion wins 30 MW EPC project from Engie

Senvion has been awarded a 30 MW onshore wind project from Engie - one of the world renowned clean energy companies, to deliver the Tithwa Project (won through Gujarat state competitive reverse auctions), as a sign of growing emphasis on renewable energy... Read more

Senvion wins 101,2 MW EPC project from ReNew Power

Senvion has been awarded a 101,2 MW project from ReNew Power - one of India's largest clean energy companies, to deliver the Bhuwad Wind Project (part of Round 2 bidding from Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited - a company of the Ministry of New and... Read more