REpower Systems AG Inaugurates First Wind Farm in Poland

Hamburg/Rzeszow: REpower Systems AG (WKN 617 703) and the international project developer Martifer Renewables, a subsidiary of the Portuguese Martifer Group, today inaugurated the first of two jointly planned wind farms in Rzeszow near Krakow, Poland. The project “Leki Dukielskie” comprises five REpower MM92 turbines, each with a rated output of two megawatts (MW), and is located in the south-east of the country. This is the first wind farm project undertaken in Poland by Germany’s third-largest wind turbine manufacturer.

The five REpower turbines were inaugurated during a ceremony held on the wind farm. With a total capacity of 10 MW, “Leki Dukielskie” will supply power for around 5,000 households (or 20,000 people) with immediate effect. 

Poland is currently one of the fastest-growing markets for wind energy. Per Hornung Pedersen, Chairman of the Executive Board of REpower Systems AG, is keen to point out the development opportunities available there: “The market for wind energy in Poland is characterised by prime wind locations for wind farms and tremendous growth rates over the past few years although, with just 500 MW installed, the nominal output is still low. Against this background, we see enormous potential for expanding the market for wind energy. This will also play a key role in enabling Poland to reach its targets in the 20-20-20 Climate Protection Initiative.”

“Bukowsko”, the second wind farm project planned by Martifer Renewables and REpower, will comprise eight MM92 turbines and is due to be commissioned by the end of this year. This wind farm is also located near Rzeszow.