Grid Integration

Your wind power plant needs to be connected to the power grid in Germany, the UK, Chile, India or Australia? Integrating wind turbines into the grid and generating reliable energy is routine for us. We know the requirements for all important markets. We have expertise in all the specific rules and requirements of every energy market and power grid worldwide – and we will support you to plan and execute your grid connection.

Perfect grid integration*

Grid compatibility is a constant challenge for wind turbine operators. Wind farms, like conventional power plants, must be grid-compatible and integrated into all grid control mechanisms. Senvion wind turbines meet those requirements: they actively support the grid, fulfil all technological requirements and can realize reliable power generation even in case of a malfunction. Our tried-and-tested concept combining gearbox, converter and generator with our control and monitoring system makes this possible. It offers direct access to the power management unit which measures voltage and frequency at the grid connection point. If these deviate from the desired value, active and reactive power can be regulated automatically.

Reactive power during blackouts*

Our wind turbines can be controlled in all operating conditions and dynamically feed reactive power into the grid, even during periods of no wind. This is how they support the grid voltage. Even during temporary voltage drops the wind turbine can remain connected to the grid. It supports the grid with a high reactive power load. After the fault has been remedied – there is no need to switch the turbine off − the full active power can be fed into the grid immediately. An important indicator for a stable grid is constant frequency. In case of an underfrequency our wind farms have an active power reserve on standby. In case of an overfrequency, power production can be scaled back to protect grid stability.

Tested grid compatibility

We use extensive type testing on our wind turbines to establish their power quality, regulation capabilities or how they cope with grid failures and have their performance accredited by independent certifiers. This gives you the guarantee that your wind turbines are grid compatible. The accredited turbine qualities are also illustrated in simulation models. Those studies enable grid operators to examine how wind turbines behave in their grid. In this way we offer you the best possible test basis for grid compatibility.


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* Not all technical features as described are available in all markets. Please contact the relevant company within the Senvion Group to check the availability of a given product in your country.

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