SCADA solutions

Our reliable management tools for your wind farm

High availability, low maintenance and fast, efficient troubleshooting are crucial factors for success. The high-performance software and hardware products of our Senvion SCADA solutions (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) enable you to operate and monitor your wind farm and wind turbines for optimal performance:

  • SCADA Access
  • Interfaces and communication
  • Wind Farm Management

SCADA Access

A full-service application for web-based encrypted access to the wind farm or to its individual modules, i.e. the wind turbine, the power management unit and the meteo station.

Web-based operation and monitoring of wind turbines

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The SCADA Access online portal enables you to access the wind farm’s individual modules. All relevant operational and performance data are transferred to a central server hosted by Senvion, so your data can be retrieved from anywhere in the world. The automatic update service makes sure that you are always running the latest software.

Functional and user-friendly design

Based on cycles of just a few seconds and of 10-minute values and operating states, all monitoring data can be analyzed, visually processed and evaluated. The wind turbines’ different measuring ranges and modules can be quickly and easily checked via a menu. Single units, e.g. the drivetrain components, can be monitored individually.

Two components: Monitoring and web reporting

Using the monitoring component, you can perform a live analysis of the wind farm and directly communicate with all Senvion wind farm units. You have access to the smart wind farm management system and can display and monitor current operational data in a second-by-second view. An integrated map display gives you a geographical overview of the plant site.
In addition to status data such as start, stop and reset, event lists containing defined events are generated. All data can be saved to the turbine’s controller, ensuring that, even in the case of a malfunction, nothing is lost.

The web reporting component offers database-supported performance analyses that cover the entire lifespan of the wind turbine. Moreover, it can be used to compare wind turbines and wind farms. All data can be exported and used for other applications. In addition to pre-defined reports, individually configured messages can be created, saved and automatically sent at desired time intervals.

Interfaces and communication

Different solutions for connecting our wind turbines to higher-level SCADA systems or to our customers’ existing master station software.

Optimally linked, maximum flexibility

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Different wind turbine types and software systems can be integrated into a centrally supervised SCADA system using our interfaces and communications products. Your advantage: you are not tied to a particular SCADA system, but can choose from different vendors and always have independent access to your wind farm data. The products can be combined in any way, thus affording you maximum flexibility.

OPC DA interface

Proven and powerful: the OPC DA interface has become a communication standard throughout the industry. It is linked to the wind farm via a central interface (ComBox), gathers the data from individual components and provides these to the wind farm in an OPC DA-compliant format. This ensures secure data transfer to the customer control center, where second values, status codes and operating conditions can be retrieved and processed. 

FTPS interface

Ideal for the operation of independent database systems for historical data. With the FTPS interface, data from wind farms of any size can be easily exported into external database systems via a central interface. Different interface operational models are provided (alarm, database and 10-minute mode), that can be freely combined. For the data transfer of compressed XML files, the FTPS interface uses the standardized FTPS protocol, encrypted via an SSL connection.

IEC 61400-25 interface

An international pioneer: This interface is based on the international standard for wind turbines, the IEC 61400-25. With our experience, we have advanced this standard from the very beginning and, as one of the first producers of wind turbines, have factored it into our products. Our aim is to achieve error-free communication of all Senvion wind turbines and all other Senvion wind farm components with the outside world.

The IEC 61400-25 interface comprises all features of the other interfaces and communication products and delivers additional functionality such as alarm messages, second values, 10-minute averages, status codes and operational conditions. In particular, this interface makes it possible to control and monitor individual wind turbines or the entire wind farm by means of write access to the Senvion components.

The standardized IEC 61400-25 interface (PDF)

Wind Farm Management

Our premium application for the efficient management of wind turbines in large wind farms with up to 250 wind farm units.

The solution for large wind farms

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The premium Wind Farm Management application has been specially developed for large wind farms of up to 250 wind turbines. With this holistic management system, we are meeting the constantly growing demands for wind farm monitoring, documentation and optimization. At the same time, we provide you with maximum independence: You can either install it as a stand-alone system on site or set it up in your head office to monitor a number of Senvion wind farms.

Redundant design for high availability

Wind Farm Management can be flexibly adjusted to meet the demands of each specific location. Thus, it ensures a steady and ideal wind farm performance. We provide you with the necessary infrastructure, i.e., servers, databases and the corresponding software, by installing a cabinet on site at the wind farm or centrally in the customer control center. The entire system may also be connected to an external control center via a secure VPN connection. To guarantee a high level of availability, all systems can be provided with a redundant design.

A wide range of features to handle even the largest wind farms

Wind Farm Management comprises all the features of the SCADA Access products and can be combined with all interfaces and communications products. Directly on site, the system provides comprehensive performance analysis and monitoring tools, access to the wind farm control system, user-friendly monitoring and control functions, local software and hardware applications, a redundant and therefore highly available and secure IT infrastructure, sophisticated tools for data synchronization as well as a local database for direct access to the data via ODBC.


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