Senvion Service Concept

The four pillars of performance

Senvion service unlocks the full potential of your wind farm. We have created a four-pillar system to ensure optimized performance. Our service concept for monitoring, maintaining, regaining and enhancing performance will make sure you get the most out of your wind farm: more performance and efficiency, more output and yield, more uptime and revenue.

Monitor performance

Monitoring forms the basis for all our services. After all, you need to know how you are doing before you can improve. The latest monitoring technologies allow both you and Senvion to oversee individual turbine performance, create reports and assess overall output at any time. Fast detection means that problems can be addressed quickly, resulting in less downtime.

  • Remote monitoring 24/7
  • Centralized Turbine Control Center
  • Vibration-based Condition Monitoring (CMS)
  • Senvion SCADA Access and SCADA Wind Farm Management


Maintain performance

Regular maintenance delivers tangible results. Senvion’s own trained service teams schedule maintenance activities especially during low-wind periods. This increases product lifespan and minimizes loss of output due to technical faults and damage. All of which translates into a reduction of LCoE.

  • Integrated Service Packages (ISPs) guarantee level of uptime or yield
  • Refill consumables and replace parts subject to wear and tear
  • Regular, comprehensive maintenance of all major components
  • Highly qualified service technicians
  • Service-optimized nacelle design


Regain performance

While the vast majority of problems can be solved remotely by the staff of our Turbine Control Center (TCC), Senvion’s decentralized  structure means that our own local repair teams can rapidly respond to those problems that need on-site attention. This minimizes downtime due to technical failures.

  • Remote Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Detailed communication and escalation plans
  • Decentralized Service Structure for fast response time and optimal logistics


Enhance performance

At Senvion, we never stop looking for ways to improve. Which is why we have developed a modular series of hardware and software products to increase output and efficiency. These enhancements add value to your investment over the entire lifetime of the turbine. Plus: all monitoring and maintenance data is collected and analyzed at Senvion’s Turbine Control Center (TCC) to continuously improve our current technology and develop next generation products.

  • Vortex Generators
  • Rotor Blade Ice Detection
  • Turbine Control Upgrade
  • Advanced Monitoring Service*

* The complete service is not available in the US.


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