Senvion service contracts and modules

Integrated Service Packages

The scope of the service offered by Senvion can be flexibly adapted to suit our customers’needs. However our Integrated Service Packages (ISP-T / ISP-E) enable you to take full advantage of Senvion’s service concept. With complete cost control and no cap on repairs, replacement of major technical components and guaranteed availability / output, our ISPs are a simple, worry-free way providing an insurance against loss of output or availability.

Benefits of our ISP-T / ISP-E

  • No-hassle, care-free operation
  • Complete cost control for maintenance and repair
  • No cap on repair and replacement of major components
  • Compensation for lost output / availability
  • Availability / output guarantee strengthens your business case

ISP-T - Time-based Integrated Service Package

The ISP-T includes all maintenance and repair work to ensure your wind farm is technically capable of operation and protects your investment by providing compensation if your turbines are operational for less than the guaranteed time of technical availability. The guaranteed availability includes time for maintenance, retrofits and inspection.

ISP-E - Energy-based Integrated Service Package

The ISP-E covers all monitoring, maintenance and repair services to minimize downtime and maximize performance and safeguards your investment by providing compensation if the annual output of your wind farm falls below the guaranteed potential output.


Benefits and features of Senvion’s ISPs and standard maintenance agreement at a glance

Integrated Service
Packages (ISP-T / ISP-E)
full-service contract
Monitor performance
Remote monitoring (24/7)IncludedIncludedIncluded
SCADA AccessIncludedIncludedIncluded
Senvion condition monitoringOptionalIncluded*Included
Maintain performance
Regular maintenanceIncludedIncludedIncluded
Maintenance protocolsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Regain performance
Remote troubleshootingOptionalIncludedIncluded
On-site repairsOptionalIncludedIncluded
Spare parts exchangeOptionalIncludedIncluded
Large component exchangeOptionalIncludedIncluded
Documentation of on-site repairsOptionalIncludedIncluded
Optimization modules
Service hotline (TCC, local service manager)IncludedIncludedIncluded
SCADA solutions    OptionalIncludedIncluded
Gearbox inspection via endoscopyOptionalOptionalOptional
Blade inspectionOptionalOptionalIncluded
Testing and maintenance of safety
functions by an independent expert
Offshore logistics
(vessels, helicopters, jack-up barges)
Statutory inspectionsIncluded

* Optional with ISP-T

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