Senvion has developed a series of performance enhancing hardware and software technologies to further improve the performance of your turbine. Each feature can achieve subsequently an increase in Annual Energy Production (AEP). They are modular and easily retrofittable so you can choose the feature which delivers the highest increase in output based on site-specific conditions or combine them to benefit from the aggregate increase in AEP.

Smart Aviation Light

Be prepared for the new AVV requirements

In Germany, the new Energy Collection Act (EnSaG) provides for the installation of an on-demand activation of the aviation lights system when an aircraft approaches the wind turbines at night (known as BNK).

Senvion Smart Aviation Light is an upgrade solution compliant with the German AVV law requirements. Senvion’s solution supports all existing technologies for the detection of aircraft (primary radar, passive radar or transponder). With this solution, the aviation lights of the wind turbines are only activated at night when an aircraft is within 4 kilometres air space of each turbine.

Benefits of Smart Aviation Light:

  • Compatible with the existing service contracts
  • Compatible with all turbine systems
  • Compatible with renowned signal providers
  • Compatible with neighbouring wind farms
  • Installation, activation and commissioning by Senvion
  • Equipment covered by the existing service contract (Senvion ISP contract)
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Turbine Control Upgrade

The Turbine Control Upgrade is a bundle of performance-enhancing software products, derived from our data analysis activities and comprises the following features:

  • Dynamic yaw
  • Smart Turbine Start

Dynamic yaw

Ideally, the rotor of a wind turbine would point directly into the wind at all times to produce the maximum output. But this would require constant adjustment of the turbine and would lead to increased energy consumption of the turbine, thus reducing the gain in output. All of Senvion turbines have factory-preset angles of deviation and delay before intervention, calculated for a range of different turbines and reflect an average of wind conditions at various sites. These standard settings deliver excellent performance, they can be further optimized to generate higher output. And that is what our Dynamic yaw software does.

Benefits of Dynamic yaw.

  • Reduction of loads thanks to improved rotor alignment
  • Optimized yaw angle increases Annual Energy Production (AEP)
  • Increased power output despite increased yawing
  • Particularly effective for turbines located on easy and medium-complex terrain

Smart Turbine Start

The standard cut-in wind speed of Senvion turbines is set at 3 m/s or 3.5 m/s depending on the type of turbine. Actually, this is the standard start-up speed for virtually all wind turbines in the wind industry and for a very good reason: it has been clearly established to be as close to optimal as any standard parameter can be. Of course, our engineers were not satisfied with that. They argued, ‘If you cannot improve the standard setting, why not improve the setting for individual sites?’ And so they did. They programmed an algorithm which is fed with SCADA data and optimizes the start up behavior to the individual site conditions. This enables harvesting of wind energy at wind speeds below the standard cut-in speed and reduces idle time, both of which result in an increase of AEP.

Benefits of Smart Turbine Start.

  • Reduced idle time increases output at low wind speeds
  • Site-specific adjustment of start-up speed based on smart algorithms
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Vortex Generators

The efficiency of wind turbine rotor blades is decreased, when flow separation from the blade occurs. Senvion Vortex generators are fin-shaped aerodynamic devices which optimize airflow.. They significantly reduce the occurrence of flow separation, stalling of the blade and increase lift and thus output. Vortex generators are glued onto the rotor blade, are easily and quickly retrofittable and can achieve a significant increase in Annual Energy Production (AEP).

Benefits of Vortex generators

  • Increase in AEP
  • Based on mature and proven aerospace technology
  • Service and maintenance included in ISPs
  • Developed in-house by Senvion for optimal effectiveness

Rotor Blade Ice Detection

Senvion’s rotor blade ice detection reliably detects the presence of ice on the blades, and automatically starts up the turbine when the rotor is ice-free with no visual inspection required for the restart. Fiber-optic sensors mounted on the rotor blades measure the individual vibration behavior of the rotor blades which changes when ice accretion occurs.”

Benefits of rotor blade ice detection.

  • Reliable ice detection on the rotor blade reduces downtime
  • Individual monitoring of each blade during operation and at a standstill
  • Automatic restart after ice-free without visual inspection
  • No increased risk of lightning strikes thanks to optical sensors (glass fiber)

The timeline visualizes the gained uptime by rotor blade ice detection. Standard ice detection relies on comparing wind speeds measured with an unheated cup anemometer and a heated ultrasonic anemometer at the nacelle. While this system is a suitable method for ice detection, it is less precise and turbines will be shut down when there is a risk of ice accretion even when they could still be safely operated. Rotor blade ice detection avoids downtime both before and after turbine shut-down as turbines can run for longer and can be started up sooner.

Advanced Monitoring Service

Using the latest data analysing tools, Senvon's Turbine Control Centre (TCC) is able to unlock a turbine's performance potential remotely. The TCC uses statistical analysis and automatic pattern recognition of SCADA data from the entire Senvion fleet to evaluate every turbine individually. The results of this analysis can be used to detect if a turbine operates below the expected output and also to detect critical sensor errors which may lead to downtime. Senvion specialists asses the performance data of turbines identified by the software and initiate on-site repairs, if necessary.

Sensor errors (e.g. of the temperature sensor) can deliver false values and cause the turbine to shut down, thus increasing downtime. Some of the biggest losses in potential output occur because of turbine misalignment which advanced monitoring service can swiftly detect. With a several percent increase in AEP, understanding – and using – your turbine data clearly pays off.

Benefits of Advanced Monitoring Service.

  • Increase in AEP
  • 24/7 individual advanced monitoring service
  • Re-parameterization of turbines initiated by Senvion specialists
  • Detection of turbine underperformance based on SCADA Data from entire Senvion fleet
  • Prevention of turbine misalignment due to faulty wind direction indicator
  • Prevention of turbine shutdowns thanks to early detection of critical sensor errors – e.g. indicated overheating as a result of a faulty temperature sensor
  • Continuous evaluation and monthly reports of individual turbine performance

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