The Senvion 2.XM Series

Modular in design to increase efficiency

The 2.3M130 is the first turbine from our 2 MW platform to feature a well-known concept optimized for low-wind locations and high climate conditions. The development is based on the tried-and-tested, bestselling Senvion platform, our MM series, and adds the state-of-the-art design approach and control features of our innovative 3XM EBC series on top, plus off-the-shelf components from top suppliers. To increase efficiency, the blade design and manufacturing takes place in-house, while our supply chain is localized. With the 2.XM series, we meet the grid requirements of 2 MW markets around the world.

Senvion Technology

The 2.XM series combines time-tested technologies with innovative features to further increase reliability, efficiency and yields. The drivetrain combines a modular design with a 3-point suspension. The matching electrical system with a double-fed induction generator and partial converter is highly efficient and extremely reliable.

Senvion 2.XM
  1. 1

    Generator/frequency converter

  2. 2

    Gear box

  3. 3

    Rotor blade

  4. 4

    Rotor hub

  5. 5

    Pitch system

  6. 6

    Rotor bearing and shaft

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Tubular steel towers

Brochures 2.XM series

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