The Senvion 4.XM Series

Countless options, one solution: the modular 4.XM series

The 4 MW series combines all the best features of our proven portfolio. With a modular technology concept, a wide range of turbine types, rotor diameters and project-specific hub heights, they ensure the best match for every project and optimized yield at every location. Our continuous, evolutionary development based on proven, robust designs results in highly reliable turbines delivering high yields at a low LCoE.

Smart Power Mode

With our tried-and-tested and modular technology, Smart Power Mode enables the optimization of our 4.2M148 and 4.2M140 without component changes. By evaluating the project conditions and adjusting operational parameters, the nominal power can be increased by 300 kW. This maximizes the output from 4.2 MW to 4.5 MW. A combination of both Smart Power Mode and standard operation mode can be implemented to allow the best possible output from each wind farm.

Smart Power Mode
Nominal Power4,500 kW


  • Temperature < 45°C
  • Wind and loading conditions evaluation
  • Grid compatibility

4.2M148 Power Curve with Smart Power Mode:

Senvion Power Curve 4.2M148

4.2M140 Power Curve with Smart Power Mode:

Senvion Power Curve 4.2M140

Brochures 4.XM series

Title File Size
Technical specifications 4.2M148 PDF 170 KB
Technical specifications 4.2M140 PDF 170 KB
Technical specifications 4.2M118 PDF 100 KB
Senvion - Portfolio Overview PDF 1.6 MB
Senvion - Service PDF 690 KB

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