Reliable yields. Proven technology.

With a rated power of 6.15 MW and a rotor diameter of 126 meters, the Senvion 6.2M126 is the perfect illustration of Senvion’s experience in offshore wind power with more than 120 turbines installed on the high seas.

  • Nominal power: 6,150 kW
  • Rotor diameter: 126 m
  • Hub height: Project specific

  • Wind class: High Wind (IEC S)
  • Operating temperature range: -20 – +30 °C
  • Rotor surface: 12,469 m²

Senvion Technology

The heart of our wind turbines is the drive train. Our successful modular technology concept is based on a powerful gear system which enables the use of an efficient, high-speed generator even at low rotor speeds. The perfect interaction of rotor, planetary/spur gear and generator ensures maximum power yield. The efficient electrical system, improved cooling and cast resin dry type transformer ensure that the 6.XM turbines continuously feed their rated output into the grid.

  1. 1

    Generator/frequency converter

    • Variable speed range for optimum yields
    • Fully encapsulated generator with waterair-heat exchanger
    • Low losses and high efficiency, as only 20 per cent of the total output has to be operated via converter
    • Partially redundant converter system:
      reduced operation with up to 66 per cent of
      rated power output if one converter fails
    • Frame design minimises oscillation and vibration

  2. 2

    Gear system

    • Three-stage combined planetary/spur gear (2 planets, 1 spur wheel)
    • Satisfies stringent demands in terms of service life and operating smoothness in line with Senvion gear specifications
    • Optimised efficiency
    • Improved structure-borne sound insulation
    • Low temperature thanks to efficient oil cooling system using an oil-air-heat exchanger
    • Three-stage oil filter system for excellent oil quality
    • Integrated oil particle counter

  3. 3


    • Environment friendly cast resin dry type transformer
    • Reduced mass and minimal fire risk
    • Fully encapsulated assembly with air-air-heat exchanger
    • Choice of nominal output voltage (20, 30 and 33 kV)

  4. 4

    Rotor blade

    • Load-optimised, lightweight GRP construction
    • Excellent lightning protection with multi-receptor system

  5. 5

    Pitch system

    • Virtually maintenance free electrical system
    • High-quality, large blade bearing with permanent track lubrication and external gearing
    • Maximum reliability through redundant blade angle detection with two independentmeasuring systems
    • High safety through independent drive and control systems for each rotor blade
    • Permanent charge and status monitoring of the battery boxes

  6. 6


    • Four-point contact bearing with external gearing, powered by top quality highperformance gear motors
    • Holding brakes, with hydraulic pressure accumulator for fail-safe function, relieve drive systems when inoperative and stabilise the nacelle
    • Minimum stress on the drive trains thanks to low friction of four-point bearing

  7. 7

    Rotor bearing and shaft

    • Two main bearings, detachable from the main frame
    • CARB™ bearing and high-quality fixed spherical roller bearing with perfectly fitted bearing housing and automatic permanent lubrication for maximum service life
    • Rotor shaft cast in alignment with transfer of torque

  8. 8

    Nacelle crane

    • Hydraulic marine deck crane
    • Capable of conducting virtually all maintenance work
    • Long reach and high load capacity
    • Remote control enables flexible deployment options

  9. 9

    Lightning protection

    • Internal and external lightning protection zone concept in compliance with the requirements of lightning protection class I according to IEC standard and GL guidelines
    • Reliable protection of bearings via defined lightning paths
    • GRP coupler for galvanic isolation of generator system from gearbox

  10. 10

    Tubular tower

    • Natural frequency of tower higher than rotational speed of rotor (rigid design) ensures minimum stress on tower and nacelle
    • No speed restrictions, as no frequency interference
    • Maximum component safety and stressoptimised door opening

  11. 11

    Fire protection

    • Fully automated system with active smoke and aerosol detectors in nacelle, switch cabinets and transformer room
    • Automatic nitrogen multi-zone extinguishing system for electrical components
    • CO2 and ABC fire extinguishers for manual firefighting in tower and nacelle

Technical data 6.2M126

Design data

Nominal power 6,150 kW
Cut-in wind speed 3.5 m/s
Nominal wind speed 13.5 m/s
Cut-out wind speed 30 m/s
Restart cut-in wind speed 25 m/s
Operating temperature range -20 – +30 °C


Hub height Wind class DIBt Wind zone
Project specific IEC S WZ 4


Diameter 126 m
Rotor area 12,469 m²
Rotor speed 7.7 – 12.1 1/min (+15 %)
Power control Electrical pitch

Rotor blade

Blade length 61.5 m
Type Glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GFRP)
Max. chord width 5.45 m

Electrical system

Nominal power 6,150 kW
Nominal voltage 20/30/33 kV
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Generator Asynchronous double-fed generator
Generator protection class IP 54
Converter type Frequency converter for double-fed induction generator

Sound power level

Maximum sound power level 109 db (A)

Power curve

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