The ideal wind power plant for every location

MM82 BurnfootHill

No matter if the site in question is situated on clear terrain, close to residential areas, in hilly regions or on an existing wind farm: Based on a thorough location analysis, we provide you with an optimal wind power plant model for any location. We also set up the necessary infrastructure and keep an eye on the individual grid requirements – all over the world.

Noise control and landscape conservation

Senvion wind power plants are designed to deliver perfect performance – at any location. To achieve this aim we have developed innovative solutions to adjust our wind turbines to even the most extreme climatic conditions. In order to meet local requirements and to avoid disturbing residents, we have reduced acoustical and optical disturbances to a minimum. In doing so we try our best to ensure a more sustainable energy supply from the very beginning.

Safe grid connections anywhere in the world

Whether your wind power plant needs to be connected to the power grid in Germany, the UK, the USA or Australia, Senvion will see to it. We have expertise in all the specific rules and requirements of every energy market and power grid worldwide – and we will be happy to plan and execute your grid connection.