From planning to grid connection

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The road from planning a wind farm to its final start-up is long, and begins well before the actual construction phase, with setting up the necessary infrastructure and laying a solid foundation for the wind power plant. You can rely on our support and experience every step of the way – from road planning and grid connection to the installation of every single wind turbine.

Standard or specific foundation designs

We not only plan the construction of roads, foundations and crane hardstandings – we also put them into practice. As each locations soil is different we offer a range of standardized and approved foundations that are not only favorable in their dimensions but also extremely stable. If you should need a project-specific foundation design, we will be happy to support you in its development.

On-time connection of your wind power plant to the grid

To feed the generated electricity into the power grid, we also take care of your grid connection and communication and medium voltage network – always with an eye on the time schedule so that your wind power plant can start up on time as soon as everything is installed and connected.

We connect our wind power plants to the grid – and stabilize it

All across the world, the demand for electricity from renewable energies is constantly growing. To meet this demand, wind farms must be as operable as conventional power plants and better integrated into the grid control mechanism. Senvion is already responding to this challenge: Our wind power plants actively support the grid, fulfilling all necessary requirements and ensuring reliable energy supplies even during breakdown.

Reactive power against blackouts, shorts without consequences

Our key to success is the approved concept of a gear and a twin-fed asynchronous generator combined with innovative control functions. In any operating mode Senvion wind power plants feed the grid with controlled reactive power. This allows for a constant voltage control, sustaining the line voltage. Even at temporary voltage dips the wind power plant remains connected to the grid and helps to keep it stable. If any frequency fluctuations should occur the effective power of our wind turbines is automatically adjusted according to the needs.

Unlimited Unit Certificate

Senvion wind power plants have been awarded the Unlimited Unit Certificate (Unbefristetes Einheitenzertifikat) for excellent grid compliance according to the System Service Ordinance SDLWindV, certifying our wind turbine concept in line with the high grid connection standards for Germany. Good news for our customers: With Senvion, you will receive attractive benefits by connecting to the grid. Contact us for further information – and explore our reliable grid connection with our wind power plants.