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MM82 Longpark

The optimal wind turbine type for any location

To guarantee optimal energy yields and a maximum lifespan of your wind power plant, it is necessary to analyze both the potentials and risks of every location. Local knowledge is crucial for choosing the appropriate wind power plant and developing the ideal wind farm layout. We help you to find an optimal and sustainable solution for your specific demands.

Thorough analysis of your location

Senvion will assist you in selecting the right wind turbine, either by advising you in certain aspects or by taking over the complete planning – the choice is all yours. In any case, we will approach the project systematically by analyzing the location for any factors have an effect on the operation and yields of your wind power plant. This encompasses sound emission, shadow cast, wake or wind distribution. By using an advanced airflow simulation (linear and CFD models) the wind data serve as a basis for determining the wind conditions and calculating the loads that will affect the wind turbine over a span of 20 years.

External evaluation

All information gathered is ultimately used to plan the wind farm’s layout and to choose the appropriate wind power plant. As a result, you will get the ideal solution for your location, in order to achieve the highest possible energy yields. At your request, we will hand our internal evaluation over to external bodies, e.g. the TÜV, for a final check. Thus giving you a high degree of security for your investment.

Senvion wind power plants: Top performance in any climate

The perfect operating conditions for wind power plants are temperatures between -20 and 35 degrees of Celsius. As wind blows everywhere, however, Senvion has developed special wind turbines that deliver maximum performance even in the extreme climates of Australia, Canada and parts of the United States.

Special solutions for cold and heat

In particular, the converter of a wind power plant should be safe from overheating. Merely dissipating its heat is not a sufficient solution to this. The component must be actively cooled down. Therefore we have designed a special hot climate version that is equipped with additional breather assemblies to ensure optimal wind turbine performance up to 40 degrees Celsius.

For locations such as Canada, with temperatures falling below -20 degrees, we have also come up with an adequate design. The cold climate versions of Senvion turbines feature additional heating units that keep the wind power plant operational even at -30 degrees of Celsius thus delivering constantly high yields.