Senvion convinces with impressive availability levels in Austria

MM82 Seglien

Whether on land or far out at sea, in calm or windy conditions, in a cold or hot climate – Senvion provides the right turbine for every requirement. In our 25-year history, we have created a wide range of onshore and offshore turbines for all wind classes with many different tower heights. We have experience with large scale and small scale projects alike. Here is an example from Austria: Daniel Pautler is the Team Leader for Sales in Southern Germany and Austria. In 2013, he sold the smallest wind turbine in Austria, and at the same time started construction of what is currently the tallest turbine in the country.

Flat country

MM82 Seglien

28-year-old Pautler wants to get one thing straight from the start: “Many people think that Austria is full of mountains. That is not true – Lower Austria and Burgenland are in large parts as flat as Northern Germany.”

At the same time, in Lower Austria in particular, the neighbouring Alps and the Carpathians create a jet-type effect that constantly ensures medium to high wind speeds.

Daniel Pautler, Team Leader Sales Southern Germany and Austria

We can regularly post availability levels only just below 100 per cent here. This impresses our customers.

Daniel Pautler,
Team Leader Sales Southern Germany and Austria

Start-up in Austria

MM82 Burnfoot Hill

Daniel Pautler has been responsible for the Austrian market since 2010. At the time, only one wind farm in Austria was equipped with Senvion turbines. Seven MM82 turbines with a hub height of 100 metres were installed for the Deutschkreuz wind farm in Burgenland in the second quarter of 2005.

Although the wind farm was the only local reference project for several years, Pautler says that it enabled him to capture the market: “Deutschkreuz is going really well. We can regularly post availability levels only just below 100 per cent here. This impresses our customers.”

The turbines are connected to our Permanent Monitoring Service(PMS), making a key contribution to the highest possible fleet availability level.

Market development

MM82 Seglien

In 2010, it became apparent that the government in Austria 
would subsidise wind energy more heavily. This gave
the market extra impetus. Since 2010, we have installed 
turbines with a total output of over 100 megawatts in Austria.

“We had the right momentum coupled with great products,” states Pautler. “The Austrian market is very self-contained, and word soon gets around as to who provides good quality.”

Pautler attributes the sale of the smallest turbine for Austria in summer 2013, a MM82 with a hub height of 59 metres, to the fact that we are the manufacturer that precisely adhered to the height limit and thus were able to attain the total height of 100 metres permitted according to the construction permit.

Height limits are usually imposed by the approving authorities for an even number of metres, e.g. for heights of 100, 150 or 200 metres.

“All other providers were a couple of metres below, but not us. Every extra metre of height produces more yield, which is why we scored points here.”

Aiming high

2013 also saw the start of construction of the tallest turbines in Austria. With a rated power of 3.2 megawatts each, the eight turbines will be built at Poysdorf-Wilfersdorf III wind farm in the north-east of the country. With a total height of 200 metres, the 3.2M114 is the tallest wind turbine ever constructed in Austria. Thanks to its optimally harmonised rated power, rotor diameter and 143-metre hub height, this type of turbine is ideally suited for locations with low wind speeds as well as hilly and forested terrain. Compared to a 3.2M114 turbine with a hub height of 93 metres, a hub height of 143 metres can increase yields at locations with low wind speeds by up to 50 per cent.

Doubling our market presence

One of our highlights in Austria: we signed contracts for the supply of 38 wind turbines with a total output of more than 121.6 megawatts for seven projects in Lower Austria. The company’s market presence will more than double as a result of these contracts. But Pautler has set himself higher targets: “For the Austrian market, we are expecting total annual growth of about 300 megawatts. This year, we managed to secure almost half of this growth for us. We would be happy if our business continued this way.”

Our product range

This product range gives us a broad base, increasing the opportunities for our customers while minimising the risk for us. That way, we are flexibly positioned for every conceivable market development and can operate where new opportunities arise. Because we have the right turbine and the right team for the job.