The right tower for every location

When it comes to towers innovative design and highly developed concepts based on proven technology lead to higher hub heights. Senvion offers three different types of towers with various hub heights up to 160 meters and suitable for all wind conditions.

•    Tubular Steel Towers
•    Hybrid Towers
•    High Steel Towers

Tubular Steel Towers

The conventional tubular steel tower is a time-tested solution for most onshore and offshore locations:

• Hub heights: 59 - 119 meters

• Perfect fit for cold and hot climates

• Suitable for a range of hub heights

• Suitable for almost all wind conditions

• Project specific offers e.g. for seismically active regions



Hybrid Towers

The hybrid tower combines a concrete base with tubular steel in upper section:

• Hub heights: 139 -160 meters

• Profitable operation even in extremely low-wind areas

• Fast installation in nearly all weather conditions and up to 15 m/s wind speed

High Steel Towers

Our newly designed seven-segments steel tower in exclusive cooperation with SIAG Industrie GmbH:

• Hub heights: 139 meters

• Modular construction for fast installation

• Most components transported with telescoping semitrailers without police escort

• Less truck transports compared to hybrid tower of identical height

• Simplified component interfaces at the foundation

• Fast installation in nearly all weather conditions