International locations


International activities are a major part of our growth strategy. Individual entry strategies must be developed to meet the specific demands of each individual market – from setting up local subsidiaries or joint ventures to granting licenses to local partner companies.

The company’s operational subsidiary Senvion GmbH is based in Hamburg and represented by distribution partners, subsidiaries and participations in European markets such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Sweden, and Poland as well as on a global level in the USA, China, Australia, Japan, India, Chile and Canada.

The Senvion systems are mainly designed in the major TechCenters in Osterrönfeld and Bangalore and manufactured at its plants in Bremerhaven, Vagos and Oliveira de Frades as well as in Żory-Warszowice and Baramati.

Senvion S.A.

Senvion S.A. is located in Luxembourg City. In the middle of the financial district of Kirchberg, with European institutions close by and close proximity to airports and other European hubs, Senvion S.A. – the administrative parent company of the Senvion Group – focuses on the management of the Senvion entities.

46a, avenue John F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg · Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Phone: +352 26 00 53 05

Senvion Australia Pty Ltd

Senvion Australia Pty Ltd was founded in August 2002 as a joint venture between the Australian companies Downer Engineering and R.F. Industries and Senvion GmbH of Germany. Senvion Australia Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Senvion wind turbine technology in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. The business of the wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH has been structured to draw on the resources of the partner companies to market, erect and commission both wind turbine systems and complete turnkey wind farms in Australia, allowing wind farm developers the option to secure a fully operational, grid-connected wind farm from a single source.

Senvion Austria GmbH

On March 27, 2014 Senvion Austria GmbH, located at Ernstbrunn, was founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH. In the medium term, the subsidiary will be responsible for servicing and maintaining Austrian projects independently. The Austrian wind energy market offers great potential: an annual growth of 250-300 MW is anticipated, resulting in additional capacities of 1,500 MW until 2020.

Weilandgasse 2
2115 Ernstbrunn · Austria

Phone: +43 2576 20016
E-Mail: info.austria[at]

Senvion Benelux BVBA

Senvion Benelux BVBA is a service company that was founded in 2007 to manage the Thornton Bank offshore wind farm in the Belgian North Sea. The corporation, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH, is located in the port of Oostende, within one hour of the Thornton Bank offshore turbines. The local warehouse contains 400 m2 of spare parts for the service and maintenance of the six Senvion 5M turbines in Thornton Bank.

Esplanadestraat 1
8400 Oostende · Belgium 

Phone: +32 59 32 59 25
Fax: +32 59 32 57 25
E-mail: info.benelux[at]

Senvion Canada Inc.

Senvion Canada Inc. is the Canadian subsidiary of the German turbine manufacturer Senvion GmbH. Founded in 2007, Senvion Canada Inc. is based in Montreal, Quebec with a sales office in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver.



Head office
1100, boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest, bureau 1910
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3B 4N4

Phone: +1 514 9 35 45 95
Fax: +1 514 9 35 45 68
E-mail: info.canada[at]

Sales office
Royal Bank Plaza, 29th Floor, South Tower
200 Bay Street · Toronto ON M5J 2J1

Tel.: +1 41 65 04-15 15
E-Mail: ontario[at]

Senvion Chile S.p.A.

The 2015 signs the Senvion market entry in Chile. In October, Senvion Chile S.p.A. was founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH. The company is headquartered in Las Condes in Santiago Province.

Los Militares 5890, Floor 11th, Suite 1103
Las Condes, Santiago · Chile

Phone: +56 2 2760 3232
E-mail: chile[at]

Senvion (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2007, Senvion (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH and focusing on its global supply chain activities. Our office in Beijing with its Global Sourcing and Quality Assurance departments maintains a close relationship with our China based suppliers while ensuring the global quality standards.

Suite C 1038. Chaowai SOHO
6B Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100020 · China 

E-Mail: info[at]

Senvion France S.A.S.

Headquartered in La Défense in the center of Paris, Senvion France S.A.S. is today a wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH. It was originally formed as Les Vents de France at the end of 2001 as a joint venture between Senvion GmbH and the Belgian company Turbowinds S.A.

The company distributes, erects and maintains all of Senvion’s multi-megawatt turbines in France. Ten service centers in various regions of the country ensure the maintenance of several hundred Senvion turbines in France.

10 avenue de l’Arche
Immeuble le Colisée
La Défense – Les Faubourgs de l’Arche
92419 Courbevoie Cedex · France

Phone: +33 1 41 38 93 93
Fax: +33 1 41 38 93 94

Senvion in Germany

Senvion GmbH has offices in Germany in the cities of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Osterrönfeld and Osnabrück.

The Senvion GmbH's headquarters is in Hamburg, conveniently close to the international airport. Also situated in Hamburg is Senvion Deutschland GmbH, the company’s German subsidiary. The affiliate bundles sales and project management of onshore wind turbines in Germany, Austria and Poland.

Bremerhaven is one of the company’s modern production facility and central service locations in Germany. Our locations in Osterrönfeld and Osnabrück are responsible for driving forward the development of Senvion's technology.

Überseering 10
22297 Hamburg · Germany

Phone: +49 40 5 55 50 90-0
Fax: +49 40 5 55 50 90-39 99
E-mail: info[at] (Global Senvion Website) (Senvion Deutschland GmbH)

Senvion India Pvt. Ltd.

Senvion Group has locations in the cities of Mumbai and Bangalore. The headquarter in Mumbai will focus on providing high-quality wind energy solutions for the Indian market and coordinate all sales, project management, aftermarket service activities for the region. In Bangalore a new Research & Development Centre opened in September 2015 to scale up Senvions R&D capacities. The team there is strengthening the global TechCenter in Osterrönfeld, Germany, in further developing wind turbines in order to continue Senvions international growth path.

504-Delphi, Wing ‘B’
Hiranandani Business Park, Sector 3
Powai, Mumbai-400076, Maharashtra · India

Phone: +91 227129 9700
E-Mail: info[at]

Senvion Italia s.r.l.

Founded in 2004, Senvion Italia s.r.l. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH and It is headquartered in Milan. The company sells Senvion multi-megawatt wind turbines in Italy and provides project management service. It also offers full after-sales service thanks to the five service and maintenance centers located in Foggia, Mazara del Vallo, Ariano Irpino, Maida and Mistretta.

Via Tiziano, 32
20145 Milan · Italy

Phone: +39 02 3 45 94 71
Fax: +39 02 34 59 47 37

Senvion Japan G.K.

Senvion has been active in the Japan market since 2003 where it has delivered over 70 Senvion turbines with an installed capacity of over 120 megawatts across 16 wind farms. A wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH, the Tokyo-based office of Senvion Japan G.K. was established in April 2016, primarily to focus on local sales activities dedicated to meeting the needs of customers in the region. After-sales service, spare parts and technical support for Senvion turbines in the Asia Pacific region are managed by resources from both Senvion Japan G.K. and Senvion Australia Pty Ltd, offering customers a fully integrated wind energy solution.

Shibuya Mark City W22F
1-12-1 Dogenzaka
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0043 · Japan

Phone: +81-3-4360-5427



Senvion Netherlands B.V.

Senvion Netherlands B.V. is  a wholly owned subsidiary of Germany based Senvion GmbH, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of onshore and offshore wind turbines with rated outputs of 2.05 MW to 6.15 MW.

The registered office and service center are located in Nijkerk, approximately one hour from Amsterdam. Senvion installed its first Dutch wind farm in 2010 and the registered office, from which our sales and commercial management teams operate, was established in 2014.

Senvion currently has over 150 MW installed in the Netherlands, including the Princess Alexia wind farm which features 36 x 3.4M104 turbines, enough to supply 88,000 households with renewable electricity annually.

Sluiswachter 20 D
3861 SN Nijkerk · Netherlands

Phone: +31 332 853 813
Fax: +31 332 853 812

Senvion Polska Sp. z o.o.

In September 2010, Senvion Polska Sp. z o.o. was founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH. The company is headquartered in Warsaw.

So far, Senvion Polska has installed approx. 350 MW, amongst which also huge windfarms with turbines of our famous MM series as well as 3.XM series can be found. In order to secure both best quality maintenance and high operational availability, Senvion has put in place five service bases in Poland.

Senvion Polska is member of the Polish Wind Energy Association (PWEA) and supports actively the demand of renewable energy in the market.

ul. Złota 59
00-120 Warsaw · Poland

Phone: +48 693 36 96 96

Senvion Portugal S.A.

Senvion Portugal S.A. was founded in June 2005 as a joint venture between Senvion GmbH and the stock-listed Portuguese steel structures construction group Martifer SGPS S.A. At the beginning of 2011, Senvion acquired Martifer’s 50 percent share and has become a 100 percent subsidiary of Senvion GmH. The company has it’s branch offices in Porto together with a service and production plant in Oliveira de Frades, 100 km south of Porto.
Senvion Portugal S.A.’s operations involve the manufacturing, construction and sale of multimegawatt-class wind energy turbines.

Ria Blades S.A.

Ria Blades S.A. was founded in 2007 as a joint venture between Senvion GmbH and Martifer Group, with Senvion owning 90 percent of the rotor blade manufacturer. At the beginning of 2011, Senvion acquired Martifer’s 10 percent share. Since then, Senvion has been the sole owner of the company and is responsible for the management of Ria Blades S.A., the production facility in Vagos, Portugal (90 km away from Porto), which exclusively manufactures rotor blades for the company’s wind turbines.

Rua Tristão da Cunha 263
4150-738 Porto · Portugal

Phone: +351 22 0 12 70 70
Fax: +351 22 0 12 70 79

Senvion Romania S.r.l.

In October 2012, Senvion Romania S.R.L. was founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH. The company is headquartered in Bucharest.

Piata Montreal nr. 10, World Trade Center,
Intrarea F etajul 1,office no. 24-26
011469 Bucharest · Romania

Phone: +40 (0) 21 202 3028
Fax: +40 (0) 21 202 3100
E-mail: info[at]

Senvion Scandinavia AB

Senvion Scandinavia AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH, Germany, was established in 2010.

The office is located in Västerås city, approximately one hour from Stockholm, and from here our sales project engineering, project management and commercial management teams operate.

Senvion in Sweden also carries out service and maintenance work, in accordance with agreements signed with our customers. The existing service centre is located in Bromolla in the south of the country.

Sigurdsgatan 18
721 30  Västerås · Sweden

Phone: +46 708 204 621
E-mail: info.scandinavia[at]

Senvion Turkey Rüzgar Türbinleri Ticaret Limited Şirketi

In September 2014, Senvion Turkey was founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH. The sales company is headquartered in Istanbul. In the medium term, the subsidiary will be responsible for servicing and maintaining Turkish projects independently. The Turkish wind energy market offers great potential: By 2023, the Turkish Wind Energy Association (TWEA) expects a cumulated installed capacity of 20,000 megawatts.

Next Level İş Merkezi
Eskişehir Yolu Dumlupınar Bulvarı No:7A-26
06500 Söğütözü/Ankara · Turkey

Phone: +90 532 745 3613
E-mail: info[at]

Senvion UK Ltd.

Since its launch in the UK in 2003, Senvion has installed over 1.4 GW onshore and offshore in England, Scotland and Wales with over 80 onshore wind farms and two offshore wind farms: Project Beatrice in the North Sea and Ormonde wind farm in the Irish Sea. Senvion in the UK is based in Edinburgh and has a network of service centres across the country.

10 Waterloo Place · Edinburgh
EH1 3EG · Great Britain

Phone: +44 1 31 6 23 92-86
Fax: +44 1 31 6 23 92-84

Senvion USA Corp.

This wholly owned subsidiary of Senvion GmbH is located in Denver in the US state of Colorado. The company was founded in spring 2007 to take advantage of its central location and the proximity to the growing wind industry in the Midwest and West of the United States.
Senvion USA Corp. is responsible for sales, project management and the service and maintenance of two megawatt Senvion turbines and the Senvion 3.XM in the US.

1600 Stout Street
Suite 2000
Denver, CO 80202 · USA

Phone: +1 3 03 3 02 - 93 50
Fax: +1 3 03 3 25 - 55 18
E-mail: info.usa[at]