Don’t pull the plug on renewables

A major player in Australia’s renewable energy market today urged the Abbott Government not to pull the plug on renewables but to bring forth its energy vision for the nation.

“There are problems with Australia’s power network – but having too much renewables isn’t one of them,” said Senvion Australia’s chief executive officer, Chris Judd.

The Government has received more than 24,000 submissions in support of keeping or increasing the Renewable Energy Target, compared with just 111 submissions against.

“People clearly want more renewables, and we urge the Prime Minister to listen to the voters and focus on the future of energy supply in Australia.”

Mr Judd said with declining demand for electricity and a strong supply, now was the safest time to continue to move steadily to a less-polluting energy base.

“Australia is at an energy crossroads, with gas set to double or triple in price, concern over shale mining and how to treat energy intensive industries; these are all critical issues that need to be addressed with a broader vision for energy,” Mr Judd said.

“The whole point of the RET was to drive Australia’s transition to a less polluting energy market over a long period of time – so the transition was smooth and without any shocks. Any change to that position – which the Coalition went to the polls on in 2013 – would be pulling the rug out from under business.”

Senvion Australia has invested over $2.5 billion in 18 wind farms across Australia based on the strength of the longstanding bipartisan support for the RET, which includes commitments to retain a target level of 41,000 GWh.

Don’t pull the plug on renewables (PDF, 14 kByte)